Venue Information
Capacity: 25,000
Year Constructed: 1995
Web Site: Click Here
Seating Chart
Top Attendees
1. mhouse (22)
2. aaaace (20)
3. fishybartender (20)
4. grant33 (20)
5. JustABusDriver (20)
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Venue Stats
Shows Played: 25
Average Rarity Index: 38.21
Ants @ Venue: 6578
Venue Song Stats
Venue Show Stats
Album Breakdown
Crash  (15%)
Remember Two Things  (12%)
Before These Crowded Streets  (12%)
Under the Table and Dreaming  (11%)
Unreleased  (8%)
Stand Up  (7%)
Busted Stuff  (6%)
Cover Songs  (6%)
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King  (5%)
Everyday  (4%)
Away From The World  (4%)
Come Tomorrow  (3%)
Jams/Intros/Segues/Improv  (2%)
Some Devil  (2%)
Stand Up Bonus Disc  (0%)
Little Red Bird  (0%)
The Lillywhite Sessions  (0%)

Jiffy Lube Live
Bristow, VA
United States

Date Venue Rating Rarest Song
    DM_ 1995-06-17Phish, Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Three Little Birds
    DMB 1995-08-27Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Help Myself
 DMB 1996-08-31Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Drive In Drive Out
 DMB 1997-06-15Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Help Myself
 DMB 1998-08-22Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Rapunzel
 DMB 1998-08-23Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Rapunzel
 DMB 1999-08-01Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Angel From Montgomery
    DMB 1999-09-12Farm Aid, Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA The Stone
 DMB 2002-07-31Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Drive In Drive Out
 DMB 2003-09-13Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Help Myself
 DMB 2004-07-11Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Help Myself
 DMB 2005-06-26Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Too Much
 DMB 2006-06-24Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Rapunzel
    DMB 2007-08-11Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA The Maker
 DMB 2008-06-28Live Trax Volume 14, Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Rapunzel
 DMB 2009-08-08Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA Dancing Nancies
 DMB 2012-06-16Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA Proudest Monkey
    DM_ 2012-11-03Barack Obama Rally, Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA Don't Drink the Water
 DMB 2013-07-27Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA Rapunzel
 DMB 2014-07-26Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA So Much To Say
 DMB 2015-05-23Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA Halloween
 DMB 2016-06-18Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA Kill The Preacher
    D&T 2016-09-17Farm Aid, Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA Don't Drink the Water
    DMB 2018-06-09Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA Can't Stop
    DMB 2019-07-20Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA


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