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Currently Awaiting Liberation
One of the most exciting aspects of a Dave Matthews Band show is the possibility that on any given night, just about any given song can be played. Now the reality is that there are songs that are played with far more regularity than others. It has become a bit of a sport for fans to chase song "liberations", which occur when a song has been played for the first time after a lengthy hiatus.

Conditions for Song Liberation
A line has to be drawn somewhere, and after careful consideration, we at Ants have come up with the following criteria for what constitutes a song liberation:

  • 150 shows since last performance - This is the most subjective criteria of the bunch, admittedly. While humans measure time in terms of days, the pandemic response that forced the cancellation of the 2020 tour pushed us to consider "shows since" as our preferred metric for judging song scarcity. For example, should DMB go on a 3-year hiatus, we wouldn't consider every song a liberation upon return. 150 shows is somewhere in the ballpark of 3 years' worth of shows, and that feels about right.

  • No Teasing - Must be considered a full performance of the song. Teases and partials will not be considered a valid liberation.

  • Cover Song Minimum: 10 Plays - The band is known for playing lots of covers, but very few stick around for the long haul. Those that do, certainly warrant liberation should they disappear and return at a later date (read: Watchtower, The Maker).

  • Original Song Minimum: 5 Plays - A song should stick around for a few plays before we consider it established enough to warrant a liberation upon its return.

There are, of course, a few exclusions to cover some outlier cases:

  • Album Exclusions - Tim Reynolds originals, True Reflection songs and songs deemed collaborations

  • Intros, Improv & Jams

  • Previous Song Versions - Examples include Don't Burn the Pig & Leave Me Praying

Shows Since () Days Since () Last Played () Song () Album ()
2065105881993-01-26People PeopleUnreleased
1930103081993-11-02Doobie ThingUnreleased
171798841994-12-31Get In LineUnreleased
159896591995-08-13What Will Become of MeUnreleased
144189941997-06-08NatureCover Songs
110274542001-08-26Mother FatherEveryday
107771972002-05-10WasteCover Songs
106871842002-05-23For the Beauty of WynonaCover Songs
83058872005-12-10Linus And LucyCover Songs
71752262007-10-02ExodusCover Songs
69949632008-06-21A Dream So RealUnreleased
66348862008-09-06MoneyCover Songs
50741592010-09-03Busted StuffBusted Stuff
50541572010-09-05Break For ItUnreleased
46837792011-09-18American Baby IntroStand Up
41233262012-12-14Baby BlueBig Whiskey and the GrooGrux King
40231722013-05-17Everybody Wake UpStand Up
38131252013-07-03Eh HeeUnreleased
36931022013-07-26Kit Kat JamBusted Stuff
36230652013-09-01GauchoAway From The World
35830582013-09-08Don't Fear The ReaperCover Songs
33927942014-05-30American BabyStand Up
30727032014-08-29Good Good TimeUnreleased
30326952014-09-06Sugar ManCover Songs
26823772015-07-21I Did ItEveryday
26523722015-07-26Let You DownCrash
26223662015-08-01Long Black VeilCover Songs
26223662015-08-01Pay For What You GetUnder the Table and Dreaming
26023382015-08-29The Dreaming TreeBefore These Crowded Streets
25723312015-09-05Snow OutsideAway From The World
25623302015-09-06Angel From MontgomeryCover Songs
25523272015-09-09Down By the RiverCover Songs
25423252015-09-11Be YourselfUnreleased
24922942015-10-12A Whiter Shade Of PaleCover Songs
24722892015-10-17Loving WingsUnreleased
24422852015-10-21Belly FullAway From The World
24122792015-10-27Still WaterCover Songs
23422682015-11-07Little ThingUnreleased
20720342016-06-28Out of My HandsStand Up
19120032016-07-29Death On The High SeasUnreleased
18419672016-09-03Cry FreedomCrash
18114492018-02-03Alligator PieBig Whiskey and the GrooGrux King
18114492018-02-03Runnin Down a DreamCover Songs
16213092018-06-23Black and Blue BirdCome Tomorrow
15212882018-07-14Steady As We GoStand Up
14412752018-07-27Hunger for the Great LightStand Up
Shows Since () Days Since () Last Played () Song () Album ()
24394141996-04-14Pay For What You GetUnder the Table and Dreaming
22484881998-10-27Typical SituationUnder the Table and Dreaming
22284531998-12-01SpoonBefore These Crowded Streets
17676142001-03-19Digging a DitchBusted Stuff
17276122001-03-21What You AreEveryday
16273982001-10-21RecentlyRemember Two Things
15473752001-11-13When the World EndsEveryday
15272522002-03-16I Did ItEveryday
Shows Since () Days Since () Last Played () Song () Album ()
22191331997-01-20Watermelon SongCover Songs
19590991997-02-23Dream I Killed GodUnreleased
19489591997-07-13Let You DownCrash
18583961999-01-27Deed Is DoneUnreleased
15483501999-03-14If I Had a BoatCover Songs
15283391999-03-25Wild HorsesCover Songs
14468742003-03-29Drive In Drive OutCrash
14368722003-03-31Big Eyed FishBusted Stuff


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