Utica, NY, United States

Venues in Utica, NY, United States
Stanley Theatre
Top Attendees
1. firedancer313 (4)
2. Richydmb (4)
3. AndiB08 (3)
4. Cowgyrl1975 (3)
5. Jeweldmbfan (3)
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City Stats
Shows Played: 4
Ants @ State: 156
City Song Stats

Date Venue Rating Rarest Song
D&T 1997-01-25Stanley Theatre, Utica, NY Help Myself
D&T 1997-01-25House of Good Shepard Private Benefit, Stanley Theatre, Utica, NY
D&T 1999-01-27Matinee Benefit, Stanley Theatre, Utica, NY So Much To Say
D&T 1999-01-27Stanley Theatre, Utica, NY What Will Become of Me