Detroit, MI, United States

Venues in Detroit, MI, United States
105.1 WXDG-FM
96.3 The Planet WPLT-FM
Comerica Park
State Theatre
Joe Louis Arena
Top Attendees
1. thedmb (7)
2. Dancing08 (5)
3. GreyStreet17 (5)
4. jjc155 (5)
5. MattySalyer (5)
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City Stats
Shows Played: 7
Ants @ State: 2045
City Song Stats

Date Venue Rating Rarest Song
DMB 1995-03-03State Theatre, Detroit, MI
DM_ 1998-12-10Edge Session, 105.1 WXDG-FM, Detroit, MI The Stone
DM_ 1998-12-1196.3 The Planet WPLT-FM, Detroit, MI Best of What's Around
DMB 2000-07-05Comerica Park, Detroit, MI The Maker
DMB 2001-06-03Comerica Park, Detroit, MI What You Are
DMB 2001-06-04Comerica Park, Detroit, MI So Much To Say
DMB 2005-12-03Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI Dancing Nancies