Hollywood, CA, United States

Venues in Hollywood, CA, United States
101.9 KSCA-FM
Hollywood Bowl
El Capitan Theater
Dolby Theater
Hollywood Masonic Temple
Top Attendees
1. amylamare (8)
2. cv042304 (8)
3. Dmatthewsgirl (8)
4. Amber77 (7)
5. AngelsFan (7)
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City Stats
Shows Played: 9
Ants @ State: 2061
City Song Stats

Date Venue Rating Rarest Song
DMB 1994-12-06101.9 KSCA-FM, Hollywood, CA Dancing Nancies
DMB 2006-08-28Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA Pig
DMB 2007-10-01Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA Rapunzel
DMB 2007-10-02Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA Exodus
DMB 2010-08-23Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA Pig
DMB 2012-09-12Away From The World Release Party, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA The Dreaming Tree
DM_ 2014-09-04Stand Up To Cancer, Dolby Theater, Hollywood, CA Grace Is Gone
DMB 2018-09-05Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hollywood Masonic Temple, Hollywood, CA Don't Drink the Water
DMB 2018-09-10Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA When I'm Weary