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Song Interpretation
Influenced by a party in South Africa and Dave’s Acid influenced experiences. Julia Grey named this song, when after hearing it (w/o the Billies refrain), said it sounded like Hillbillies on Acid. The rumor of the Billie being slang for a British police officer, whereas the slang may be true, it does not apply to the song.

Dave stated during the 1999 Storytellers performance that the line 'Dragons were smoked' is a coy reference to the cartoon (and song) "Puff The Magic Dragon". There was a time when people thought it was slang for smoking pot, so Dave referenced it as such. Without Dave's explanation of the line, one would be hard pressed to guess at the meaning of that obscure line.

Song Information
Album: Remember Two Things
Spring 1994 Rarity: 79.4118
Historical Rarity: 35.8616
Average Slot: 4
Average Length: 4:21

Tripping Billies

  27 Spring 1994 Appearances

Date Venue Position Length
DMB 1994-03-26DMBLive - Irving Plaza, New York, NY 3/26/1994, Irving Plaza, New York, NY24:18
DMB 1994-03-30Lafayette's, Oxford, MS24:14
DMB 1994-03-31New Daisy Theatre - Oxford College, Memphis, TN24:14
DMB 1994-04-01The Sandbar, Chattanooga, TN34:12
DMB 1994-04-03Brown's Island, Richmond, VA9
DMB 1994-04-05Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA34:27
DMB 1994-04-06DMBLive - Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA 04/06/1994, Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA84:26
DMB 1994-04-07Ivory Tusk, Tuscaloosa, AL124:31
DMB 1994-04-08The Armory, Clemson, SC74:18
DMB 1994-04-09Soccer Fields, Woodberry Forest School, Orange, VA5
DMB 1994-04-13Club Metronome, Burlington, VT94:26
DMB 1994-04-14State Theatre, Portland, ME14:48
DMB 1994-04-15Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA2
DMB 1994-04-16St. Lawerence University, Canton, NY34:31
DMB 1994-04-19The Ritz, Raleigh, NC4
DMB 1994-04-20Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA2
DMB 1994-04-21Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC34:08
DMB 1994-04-22Denison College, Granville, OH2
DMB 1994-04-24Van Ryper`s Music Festival, Van Riper's Lake & Campground, Afton, VA104:15
DMB 1994-04-26DMBLive - Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA 4/26/1994, Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA64:13
DMB 1994-04-27Auburn Indoor Arena, Auburn, AL64:25
DMB 1994-04-28Varsity Theatre, Baton Rouge, LA44:25
DMB 1994-04-29The Boot, New Orleans, LA6
DMB 1994-04-30New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA24:11
DMB 1994-05-13Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO14:13
DMB 1994-05-14Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO1
DMB 1994-06-12Super Jam, Athens Fairgrounds, Athens, GA34:30


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