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Song Interpretation
Questioning faith in the eyes of death is the message of this complex song. Beginning with the “If I had the strength to…” calls out God directly, sighting the things that the person has done, despite the death of this loved one. The Dreaming Tree is that happy place, figuratively or literally, where everything is all right in the world. Speculation over the identity of the deceased person is rampant due to the masking ambiguity of the song.

Song Information
Album: Before These Crowded Streets
Fall 1998 Rarity: 5.26316
Historical Rarity: 5.42842
Average Slot: 9
Average Length: 0:00

The Dreaming Tree

  Fall 1998 Appearances

Date Venue Position Length
DMB 1998-10-29San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA10
DMB 1998-10-31Live Trax Volume 39, Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA7


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