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Song Interpretation
A description of Christ from the moment he is pinned to the Cross, through his death, and his thoughts as to whether Mankind is worth the trouble to return to Earth, and “save”. The Could Dad be God line represents thoughts passing through Christ’s mind as he begins to ponder his own existence. The forgive you why line also touches on the human aspect of Christ, as he contemplates why exactly he should come back after 3 days. Dave has used The Passion (Peter Gabriel) from The Last Temptation Of Christ soundtrack, and this is probably an influence here. It has a slight Gnostic feel to it.

Song Information
Album: Before These Crowded Streets
Summer 1998 Rarity: 3.44828
Historical Rarity: 3.04438
Average Slot: 8
Average Length: 0:00


  Summer 1998 Appearances

Date Venue Position Length
DMB 1998-08-13The Invasion of the Crickets, Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX8


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