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Song Interpretation
Originally written as a love song, the chorus remained, whereas the lyrics deal with that always-inspiring Satellite. So it reads as an invasive “Big Brother” watchdog government coupled with the reminder that spring brings the rebirth. The lyrics don’t exactly mesh.
In fact, Satellite plays upon a line from the childrens' song, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" -- "Like a diamond from the sky" is from the first refrain of the famous song, whereas, Dave uses "...In the sky" in Satellite.

Song Information
Album: Remember Two Things
Dave and Tim 1997 Rarity: 90.3226
Historical Rarity: 35.1907
Average Slot: 15
Average Length: 5:42


  28 Dave and Tim 1997 Appearances

Date Venue Position Length
D&T 1997-01-14Elliott Hall of Music - Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN15
D&T 1997-01-15Indiana University Auditorium - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN234:38
D&T 1997-01-20Haas Auditorium - Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA134:43
D&T 1997-01-21Fisher Auditorium - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA134:47
D&T 1997-01-22Warner Theatre, Erie, PA174:40
D&T 1997-01-23Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI124:50
D&T 1997-01-24Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY214:34
D&T 1997-01-25Stanley Theatre, Utica, NY224:37
D&T 1997-01-27Palmer Auditorium - Connecticut College, New London, CT124:41
D&T 1997-01-29Maine Center for the Performing Arts - University of Maine, Orono, ME84:37
D&T 1997-01-30Vets Memorial Auditorium - Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI124:44
D&T 1997-02-01Eisenhower Hall - West Point Military Academy, West Point, NY74:44
D&T 1997-02-02Cultural Center - Marrywood College, Scranton, PA134:43
D&T 1997-02-03State Theatre - Lafayette College, Easton, PA18
D&T 1997-02-04Akron Civic Theatre, Akron, OH204:47
D&T 1997-02-06Burruss Auditorium - Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA194:51
D&T 1997-02-07Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC154:46
D&T 1997-02-08Live Trax Volume 24, Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC104:36
D&T 1997-02-10Branscomb Memorial Auditorium - Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL9
D&T 1997-02-11Stephen C. O'Connell Center - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL154:47
D&T 1997-02-13Mercer Theatre - Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA224:45
D&T 1997-02-14Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, AL114:46
D&T 1997-02-15State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA16
D&T 1997-02-17Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO15
D&T 1997-02-20Warfield, San Francisco, CA104:38
D&T 1997-02-21Warfield, San Francisco, CA29
D&T 1997-02-22Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA23
D&T 1997-02-23Centennial Hall - University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ114:34


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