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Song Interpretation
Originally written as a love song, the chorus remained, whereas the lyrics deal with that always-inspiring Satellite. So it reads as an invasive “Big Brother” watchdog government coupled with the reminder that spring brings the rebirth. The lyrics don’t exactly mesh.
In fact, Satellite plays upon a line from the childrens' song, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" -- "Like a diamond from the sky" is from the first refrain of the famous song, whereas, Dave uses "...In the sky" in Satellite.

Song Information
Album: Remember Two Things
Spring 1995 Rarity: 62.5
Historical Rarity: 35.6116
Average Slot: 7
Average Length: 5:50


  Spring 1995 Appearances

Date Venue Position Length
DMB 1995-03-22Marquee, London, Greater London, United Kingdom3
DMB 1995-03-25DMBLive - The Revolver Club, Madrid, Spain 3/25/1995, Revolver, Madrid, Madrid, Spain11
DMB 1995-03-29Luxor, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany4
DMB 1995-03-30Melkweg, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands4
DMB 1995-03-31Logo, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany4
DMB 1995-04-02Gino, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden4
DMB 1995-04-03Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Kobenhavns, Denmark7
DMB 1995-04-05DMBLive - The Academy, New York, NY 4/5/1995, The Academy, New York, NY194:38
DMB 1995-04-07DMBLive - Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC 4/7/1995, Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University, Durham, NC124:48
DMB 1995-04-08McAlister Field House - The Citadel, Charleston, SC114:55
DMB 1995-04-10The Edge, Orlando, FL64:55
DMB 1995-04-11Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL95:06
DMB 1995-04-14Greenville Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC124:48
DMB 1995-04-16Wilmington Fairgrounds, Wilmington, NC104:49
DMB 1995-04-17Memorial Gym - Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN94:52
DMB 1995-04-19State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA3
DMB 1995-04-21Shrine Mosque, Springfield, MO34:50
DMB 1995-04-22In Cahoots, Oklahoma City, OK54:39
DMB 1995-04-23Bramlage Coliseum - Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS5
DMB 1995-04-25Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX45:02
DMB 1995-04-27International Ballroom, Houston, TX2
DMB 1995-04-29Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre, Santa Fe, NM4
DMB 1995-04-30Moby Gym - Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO7
DMB 1995-05-01Salt Air Pavillion, Salt Lake City, UT5
DMB 1995-05-02Snow King Center, Jackson Hole, WY10
DMB 1995-05-04Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA6
DMB 1995-05-05Live Trax Volume 12, L.B. Day Amphitheater, Salem, OR64:43
DMB 1995-05-08Community Theater, Sacramento, CA6
DMB 1995-05-12San Jose Recreation Center - San Jose State University, San Jose, CA5
DMB 1995-05-19Sam Boyd Stadium - University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV34:47


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