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Summer 1993

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21 Songs / 10.74 Avg.
Rarity: 34 of 43 (35.29)
This show has an overall rarity index of 18.92

Total Song Time: 2 hours, 22 minutes, 26 seconds

July 26, 1993
July 26, 1993
July 27, 1993
July 28, 1993
August 2, 1993

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Dave Matthews Band
Tuesday, July 27, 1993
Flood Zone, Richmond, VA
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
1. Rhyme and Reason 4:014 of 7 Dave solo
2. I'll Back You Up 3:052 of 5 Dave solo
3. Two Step 4:273 of 6 Dave solo
4. Any Noise/Anti Noise 3:345 of 9 Dave solo
5. Best of What's Around 3:186 of 13 Dave solo
6. Jimi Thing 14:161 of 4 Doug
7. One Sweet World 7:5511 of 25 Doug
8. Lie In Our Graves 6:4512 of 21 Doug
9. Nature ...>0:001 of 8 Doug This is a true Nature intro, not just Dave playing some notes to open the song. Dave sings some words, and all Nature sightings will be marked as such (as those containing words)
10. Tripping Billies 6:2712 of 29 Doug
11. Recently 8:1612 of 26 Doug Pretty Pretty Girl Interpolation
12. Warehouse 8:4312 of 26 Doug Shortin’ Bread Interpolation
13. Oceans Of War 4:071 of 1 Boyd with Al Laughlin and Sean Kelley.
14. Did You Ever Look So Nice 3:552 of 3 Boyd with Al Laughlin and Sean Kelley.
15. Feel Us Shaking 4:161 of 1 Boyd with Al Laughlin and Sean Kelley.
16. Ants Marching 5:1010 of 26 Doug
17. Dancing Nancies 8:5912 of 22 Mike, Doug, Oteil
18. Granny 5:0412 of 27 Doug, Oteil
19. #36 21:241 of 1 Mike, Doug, Oteil Woody Woodpecker, Popeye the Sailor Interpolation, This may be the 1st 36 not dedicated to the memory of Chris Hani. The verse, “Hani, Hani”, is completely removed.
20. True Reflections ...>18:4410 of 24 Mike, Doug, Oteil
21. Jam 0:005 of 5 Doug, Oteil
Show Notes
Ants Marching opened Set 2.
During the intermission, Boyd played with Al Laughlin and Sean Kelley on three Samples songs.
This true date is 7/27/93. The mention of the HORDE show by Dave confirms it. There was a HORDE show in Richmond on 7/27, not 7/23. Analog copies usually list this as show twice, as both 7/23 and 7/27. The two CD copies are exactly the same, one is labeled 7/27, and the other is labeled 7/23, but notes at the bottom the stuff about HORDE.


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