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Winter 1994

Show 28 of 53
15 Songs / 10.62 Avg.
Rarity: 26 of 47 (36.04)
This show has an overall rarity index of 24.56

Total Song Time: 1 hours, 22 minutes, 41 seconds

February 17, 1994
February 18, 1994
February 19, 1994
February 21, 1994
February 22, 1994

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Dave Matthews Band
Saturday, February 19, 1994
Drury College, Springfield, MO
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
1. One Sweet World 9:219 of 20
2. Satellite 5:3410 of 30
3. The Song That Jane Likes 3:3211 of 28
4. Warehouse 8:305 of 15 sounds a bit like Proudest Monkey during the end jam.
5. #36 8:1410 of 27
6. Lie In Our Graves 5:536 of 18
7. Tripping Billies 0:0011 of 31
8. All Along The Watchtower 8:066 of 17
9. Minarets ...>8:179 of 26 Slow and Low Interpolation, Opened set II
10. Typical Situation 11:119 of 23
11. Ants Marching 0:0011 of 31
12. Recently 0:003 of 20
13. Granny 4:296 of 9
14. What Would You Say 0:009 of 26
15. E: Exodus 9:341 of 2
Show Notes
on 2.16.94, Boyd says the band will be in "Charleston" on Friday (the 19th - this show). Boyd, admittedly, could have been mistaken during his 2.16 announcement.
Here's the note from one of the tapers, Bo - who provided the full set list on this very rare show:
This is probably one of the rarest (if not the rarest) early ’94 live recordings for the following reasons: – at the time DMB was making the slow switch from Bama Rags to RCA / BMG – the sought after Recently EP 002 was out, and the band was recording Demos for Recently Bama 003, eventually becoming the Recently EP in 94/ popularized in’97 RCA. Note the above setlist: The Song That Jane Likes, Tripping Billies, Ants Marching, and Recently – all on Bama 002; Warehouse and Watchtower on 003 – as we know the next two shows in VA 02/21 and 22 were used for Bama 003; this show was considered one of their demos for Bama 003.
All setlists on the net for this show are incomplete or out of order (Tripping Billies was cut from all fan recordings due to a technical problem with the main patch; What would you Say was cut from many sources as well; and Watchtower is listed as the Encore on most sites instead of Ending Set I) – this caused some confusion in the tape trading world, with many people not believing Watchtower was even played during this show because Dave says – “we’ll take a short break” at the end of the song.
I have the master - complete, soundboard recording –mixed professionally for the Demo sessions, using both stage recording mics and mixing mics for each band member (you can hear DBM conversations during the show); a matter of fact after One Sweet World Dave says, “let’s do Watchtower first set” and then adds “last song (first set).” Exodus was the encore – they say “scream if you want more” after – adding more confusion to tape traders, they didn’t come back – but the crowd enjoyed the show so much, that someone played Recently 002 (or some version of this) during the after party. As far as I know, there are five or fewer "demos" of the show in circulation - never pressed into CD by Bama or RCA.


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