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Dave Matthews Band
Thursday, August 1, 1991
Full Band Demo (2), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
+/- (?) Song      Tour (?)    Venue (?) Last (?) Guests Notes
1. The Maker      1 of 1     1 of 2 Never
2. Warehouse      1 of 1     1 of 2 17 Dave sings lyrics about 'dried up chicken'. This performance is known as the Warehouse "Chicken Lyrics" version. , If I Only Had A Brain interpolation by Roi, one of the earliest known.
3. Two Step      1 of 1     1 of 1 Never
4. One Sweet World      1 of 1     1 of 3 12
Show Notes
Two Step and One Sweet World may be from this same ’91 demo, the Two Step from the alleged Granny’s basement tape and the OSW from the trax 01/05/92 filler tape (which is mislabeled).
If this is the case, the Warehouse lyrics, which open up singing about Dried up Chicken, surely were an attempt a humor, or frustration over the unsettled state of the lyrics.
The August date range (an estimate) refers to the presence of Peter Griesar on Keys. Peter joined the band officially in August, 1991.


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