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Dave Matthews Band
Friday, February 1, 1991
Carter's Basement, Charlottesville, VA
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1. Recently      1 of 1     1 of 1
2. Anytime We Can Stop      1 of 3     1 of 1 This is Warehouse, but before it had a name, the nomenclature for the band was “The Bourbon Song”, whereas the joking (and copyrighted) name is Anytime We Can Stop. This is most likely the earliest known Warehouse recorded.
3. Best of What's Around      1 of 2     1 of 1
4. I'll Back You Up      1 of 3     1 of 1 A full-band I'll Back You Up, with a drum back-beat. It has a different sound from later IBYU's.
5. The Song That Jane Likes      1 of 2     1 of 1
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