There were 7 Dave Matthews Band shows in which 124 songs were played, an average of 17.71 songs per show.

At these 7 shows, there was 75 different songs played.

To see a list of songs played broken down by album, click here.

Show Statistics for Chuckstyle

Top 10 Rarest Songs Seen

Lively Up Yourself0.0682594
Loose Interpretation0.458979
Repeat The Question0.461095
Jemez Rolling Waves0.913242
Sense Memory1.0989
Wild Horses1.11288
Kill The King1.22757
For the Beauty of Wynona2.18182
Tim Solo Unknown2.62857

Top 10 Songs Played

Two Step6
Crash Into Me4
Don't Drink the Water4
Ants Marching4
Pantala Naga Pampa3
Dancing Nancies3
Too Much3

Top 10 Rarest Shows Seen

DMB 2005-07-2720.787
D&T 1999-03-2520.9978
DMB 2006-06-1423.3217
DMB 1999-05-1126.2995
D&T 2019-06-1826.7553
DM_ 2002-09-2129.0023
DMB 1999-07-2436.7525

Songs Heard as an Opener

Grace Is Gone1
One Sweet World1
Rhyme and Reason1
Save Me1
The Stone1

Teases Heard

Can't Stop1
Lively Up Yourself1

Guests Seen

Butch Taylor2
Rashawn Ross1

Songs Heard as an Encore

Ants Marching2
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away1
Digging a Ditch1
Drive In Drive Out1
Kill The King1
Lie In Our Graves1
Say Goodbye1
Seek Up1
Tripping Billies1
Two Step1


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