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1999 Tours
Various 1999
Dave and Tim 1999
Summer 1999
Spring 1999

Song Statistics

Dave and Tim 1999

42 Shows Played - Grouped by Album

Remember Two ThingsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Satellite28 68.292735.6643Up
One Sweet World22 53.658525.1476Up
Tripping Billies21 51.219537.1329Up
I'll Back You Up20 48.78057.75892Up
Christmas Song14 34.14637.34526Up
Ants Marching9 21.951248.7796Down
Seek Up7 17.073218.9112Down
Recently1 2.4390221.5326Down
The Song That Jane Likes1 2.4390218.0305Down

Under the Table and DreamingPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Dancing Nancies40 97.56135.2098Up
Jimi Thing40 97.56140.2797Up
Warehouse32 78.048834.57Up
Typical Situation11 26.829317.5451Up
Best of What's Around11 26.829315.3953Up
Pay For What You Get9 21.95128.15435Up
Lover Lay Down5 12.195110.2098Up
What Would You Say1 2.4390226.3986Down

CrashPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Crash Into Me40 97.56138.2929Up
Too Much39 95.121937.319Up
Lie In Our Graves37 90.243929.7556Up
Two Step35 85.365937.0699Up
Say Goodbye34 82.926817.2387Up
#4131 75.609837.702Up
Proudest Monkey21 51.219512.1728Up
So Much To Say12 29.268326.6006Up
Cry Freedom5 12.19516.10264Up

Before These Crowded StreetsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Don't Drink the Water41 10046.6702Up
Crush40 97.56138.3325Up
Pantala Naga Pampa40 97.56130.1521Up
The Stone38 92.682919.8217Up
Spoon22 53.65853.08094Up
Stay22 53.658520.0839Up
Halloween11 26.82937.92481Up
Rapunzel3 7.3170728.6838Down
The Last Stop2 4.878056.24017Down

Busted StuffPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Bartender33 80.487826.8251Up
Digging a Ditch13 31.707310.0057Up

UnreleasedPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
What Will Become of Me40 97.5614.83871Up
Granny14 34.146321.0585Up
Deed Is Done3 7.317070.934143Up
#402 4.878051.79372Up
Help Myself1 2.439028.76252Down
Crazy1 2.439021.0043Up
Little Thing1 2.439024.02622Down

Cover SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
All Along The Watchtower26 63.414628.4775Up
If I Had a Boat25 60.97561.40924Up
Wild Horses20 48.78051.10063Up
For the Beauty of Wynona8 19.51222.15827Up
Alcaniz6 14.63410.339751Up
The Maker5 12.19515.98381Up
Angel From Montgomery3 7.317074.91228Up
Turn It Into Love3 7.317070.170551Up
Harvest3 7.317070.170551Up
Courante1 2.439020.0576037Up
Immigrant Song1 2.439020.0570125Up
Metamorphosis1 2.439020.0576037Up
The Temple1 2.439020.0571429Up

Jams/Intros/Segues/ImprovPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Improv6 14.63412.16841Up
Jam2 4.878053.00699Up

Tim SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
To Touch Yearning14 34.14630.845547Up
Jemez Rolling Waves13 31.70730.958827Up
Hopeful Heresy10 24.39020.676437Up
Loose Interpretation8 19.51220.453515Up
Repeat The Question8 19.51220.455581Up
Letting Go7 17.07320.803043Up
Stream7 17.07322.67891Up
Chatterbox6 14.63410.60241Up
Rheginos and The Resurrection5 12.19510.347088Up
Tim Solo Unknown5 12.19512.5974Up
Open Up, Let It In4 9.75610.282486Up
After the Goldrush2 4.878050.342075Up
Breathing Space2 4.878050.205128Up
Kundalini Bonfire1 2.439020.856164Up
You Are My Sanity1 2.439021.22465Up
Mercy Street1 2.439020.0565931Up
Words1 2.439020.113636Up
Is Anyone There?1 2.439020.0803213Up

CollaborativePlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
John the Revelator2 4.878050.288351Up
Love of My Life1 2.439020.519031Up


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