Song Statistics

Spring International 1996

13 Shows Played - Grouped by Album

Remember Two ThingsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Ants Marching12 92.307748.7909Up
Tripping Billies7 53.846237.2232Up
Satellite5 38.461535.6063Up
Recently4 30.769221.6452Up
The Song That Jane Likes2 15.384617.9854Down
One Sweet World2 15.384625.2095Down

Under the Table and DreamingPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Jimi Thing7 53.846240.3515Up
Dancing Nancies5 38.461535.1142Up
Warehouse5 38.461534.4371Up
Best of What's Around4 30.769215.3364Up
Typical Situation3 23.076917.5322Up

CrashPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Drive In Drive Out12 84.615412.2857Up
Crash Into Me12 92.307738.5157Up
Two Step12 92.307737.1969Up
#4111 76.923137.7316Up
Too Much10 76.923137.3001Up
Say Goodbye8 61.538517.3413Up
So Much To Say7 53.846226.4936Up
Lie In Our Graves4 30.769229.8077Up
Proudest Monkey3 23.076912.1651Up
Cry Freedom2 15.38466.13454Up

UnreleasedPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
#365 38.46156.56934Up
Little Thing4 30.76924.00754Up
Granny3 23.076921.0272Up

Cover SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
All Along The Watchtower11 84.615428.5217Up
Nature1 7.692310.782473Up
Exodus1 7.692310.869868Up


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