Song Statistics

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds 2011 Caravan

5 Shows Played - Grouped by Album

Under the Table and DreamingPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Dancing Nancies3 7534.9518Up
Typical Situation1 2517.7345Up

CrashPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Lie In Our Graves1 2530.1375Down

Busted StuffPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Grace Is Gone3 7520.3529Up
Where Are You Going3 7524.0559Up

Some DevilPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Save Me4 10014.5367Up
So Damn Lucky4 10023.8818Up
Oh4 1009.08347Up

Stand UpPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Old Dirt Hill3 7513.1177Up

UnreleasedPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Eh Hee4 10012.5362Up
Blue Water Baboon Farm1 252.54453Up

Tim SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Tim Solo Unknown2 502.68535Up
Betrayal1 251.67015Up
You Are My Sanity1 251.25294Up
The Wayfarer1 250.164474Up

Little Red BirdPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Little Red Bird2 507.7574Up


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