Song Statistics

Various 2011

17 Shows Played - Grouped by Album

Remember Two ThingsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Satellite1 4.5454535.6116Down

Under the Table and DreamingPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Dancing Nancies1 18.181835.1209Down
Jimi Thing1 9.0909140.3084Down

CrashPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
#412 18.181837.7308Down
Two Step1 18.181837.1266Down
Lie In Our Graves1 4.5454529.794Down

Before These Crowded StreetsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Don't Drink the Water4 27.272746.6316Down
Crush3 31.818238.2632Down
Halloween1 9.090917.94531Up

Busted StuffPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Bartender3 27.272726.875Up
Grace Is Gone2 18.181820.757Down
Where Are You Going2 18.181823.8352Down
Grey Street1 9.0909142.0925Down

Some DevilPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
So Damn Lucky4 31.818224.482Up
Stay or Leave3 27.272720.2372Up
Save Me3 31.818214.2748Up
Some Devil1 13.636411.1373Up
Oh1 18.18188.95522Up
Gravedigger1 9.0909121.3499Down

Stand UpPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Old Dirt Hill1 13.636412.6289Up
Out of My Hands1 18.18189.20034Up

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux KingPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
You And Me3 31.818245.8384Down
Lying In The Hands Of God2 13.636421.9542Down
Funny The Way It Is1 18.181837.9391Down
Squirm1 13.636419.6407Down
Baby Blue1 4.545456.19469Down

Away From The WorldPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Sweet3 22.727310.1426Up

Come TomorrowPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Can't Stop1 4.5454515.6309Down

UnreleasedPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Eh Hee1 13.636411.9485Up
Corn Bread1 9.0909134.4896Down
Sister1 4.5454519.889Down
Little Thing1 9.090913.99248Up

Cover SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Fire5 22.72730.7109Up
Destroyer5 22.72730.777605Up
Pretty Vacant4 18.18180.622084Up
Revolution4 18.18180.622084Up
Mother's little Helper3 13.63640.466563Up
Blister in the Sun3 13.63640.466563Up
Sedated3 13.63640.466563Up
Shimmer3 13.63640.701754Up
The Weight2 9.090910.224888Up
Angel From Montgomery2 9.090914.92438Up
Miserlou 2 9.090910.312012Up
Feel Like Makin' Love2 9.090910.312012Up
Walk This Way2 9.090910.312012Up
Rye Whiskey2 9.090917.70142Up
Sweet Emotion2 9.090911.40406Up
A Whiter Shade Of Pale2 18.18184.70219Up
All Along The Watchtower2 18.181828.4426Down
Should I Stay Or Should2 9.090910.112824Up
Milky Way 1 4.545450.15625Up
Since We First Met1 4.545450.330579Up
Another Brick In The Wall 1 4.545450.15625Up
Happier1 4.545450.165289Up
Beginning To The End 1 4.545450.15625Up
Don't Fear The Reaper1 4.545451.83784Up
Miss You1 4.545450.330579Up
Under the Milky Way 1 4.545450.156006Up
American Girl 1 4.545450.15625Up
Oh Susanna1 13.63640.490998Up
Psycho Killer1 4.545450.540541Up
Night Shift1 4.545450.165289Up
Let's Dance1 4.545450.330579Up
Rebel Rebel1 4.545450.15625Up
Gotta Travel On1 4.545450.163666Up
We're Not Gonna Take It1 4.545450.540541Up
Limelight1 4.545450.165289Up
Highway to Hell1 4.545450.324324Up
Song 21 4.545450.165289Up
I Wanna Rock1 4.545450.350877Up
Fool In The Rain1 4.545450.394011Up
God Save The Queen1 4.545450.165289Up

Jams/Intros/Segues/ImprovPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Rain3 13.63640.432069Up

Tim SongsPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Betrayal1 13.63641.58573Up
Che1 4.545450.547945Up

Little Red BirdPlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Little Red Bird1 13.63647.36842Up

CollaborativePlaysTour RarityHistorical RarityTrend
Touch1 4.545450.165289Up
Love of My Life1 4.545450.521135Up
Sing Along 1 4.545450.15674Up


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