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Dave Matthews Band
May 3, 2019
Beale Street Music Festival, Tom Lee Park, Memphis, TN

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Show Reviews

User: anklebunker
Took a half-day off work and left Nashville around 1pm. Got to the south gate entrance of the park at 4:15pm, with gates opening at 5. About 30 people in the line ahead of me. After I got my ticket scanned I jogged to the stage and was the first person there, so I set up camp at dead-center rail. Dirty Heads came on at 6:20, then Chvrches at 7:50. DMB took the stage about 9:25 and played til 11:30pm. Lots of nice folks around me that had also been there since just after the gates opened. Great to see So Much to Say > ASTB > Too Much again. Plus, as the crew was breaking the stage down after the show one of the roadies tossed a setlist and I caught it!

User: BachmanDMB
I knew what type of set to expect going into this so I canít really say I was let down. SMTS>ASTB?>TooMuch. Havenít seen those songs since 2006! I was glad to get them again finally. DDTW. Standard, but I always enjoy it. DYR. Like it. Thought this was a good opening run. Bayou - Everyday was admittedly not a strong run. I can atleast appreciate Bayou and Stand Up as light-hearted, high-energy fun. You and Me seems to follow me like the plague though. The crowd enjoys it... ugh. I know itís overplayed as well, but Jimi Thing is still old-school quintessential DMB to me. The guest saxophonist, Kirk Whalum, was fun to watch duel with Jeff. One of the better versions of WWYS Iíve seen to. Always love getting WWYS, one of my favorites. Glad to catch She for the first time. Cornbread is the same as Bayou/StandUp. Ants is always welcome but I wish Grey Street would go away. All in all, it was fun. Not a particularly great set, but the band was strong as usual. Thankful the rain held off and delayed Memphis In Mud until Saturday. Looking forward to Birmingham in a couple days.

User: terrad
Light rain, about 15 people back. Nice people around us. Lots of new Buddy influence


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