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Dave Matthews
October 3, 2017
Lampedusa: Concerts for Refugees Tour, Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA

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Show Reviews

User: aryckb
The show was great, but the Dave fans annoying. The girl and guy next to us were the most annoying DMB fans. They were overly whooping and screaming everytime dave did or said something, "YEah DAVE!" "Thanks DAVE!" it was so F'in annoying! Everyone around was looking at them. Then she started balling at the last song dave played. Come one people, please have some respect for the other artists on stage. We know dave was humbled to even play with them. Anyway, great to see these ledgends all together playing together.

User: derekregan
Seeing all those artists and experiencing their amazing catalog was something I won't forget. Steve Earl, Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin are individually amazing, glad we got this set with some Dave sprinkled in there as well!

User: DoDaFoo
Terrific evening of music. It really felt like everyone onstage was just having a nice time playing songs and telling stories, not trying to put on any kind of \"performance\". Opening with \"Refugee\" was a nice moment to pay tribute to Tom Petty. I was very happy with Dave\'s song selection. It was nice to see him play by himself and not here Ants, Crush, Jimi, Satellite, What Would You Say, etc. I had a great time at the show!

User: Lakelouie_lover
Great show over all but the DM solo stuff was bogged down by loud shout and random screams from idiots who want to make noise more than hear the music. His song selection was also kind of strange given the tone of the evening. It\'s too bad, it could have been so good. All the other performances were great.

User: tomyboy420
Quietest, most intimate setting I\'ve seen Dave. Refugee and Sweet were my highlights. Dave sounded great; confident and relaxed. Thankfully not the excessive crowd yelling, especially in the quietest moments. Special show; all musician performed beautifully. RIP TP!


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