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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
April 11, 2017
Coliseu Porto, Porto, Norte Region

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User: Cami
And again miro_eight describes it well! Overall a very good show, but after the loudness and intensity of the Lisbon show the night before, at times it had worse flow of songs which I don\'t think helped...

User: drumman998
Show started great...ended pretty well...but in the middle 11 repeats from Lisbon? A bit disheartening after the first 13 songs were new / fresh. The crowd was good generally, although the lady beside me brought her kid who was sitting down...and mom was drunk going \'bing bing bong\' thinking she knew what tim was going to be playing but never was quite on. Sucked being by her...

User: miro_eight
Let me first mention that I attended Lisbon the night before, and was still in awe of what had just happened. This time I was seated and was a little on the side from the whole craziness, but honestly I was glad I was because I was dead tired and would have probably collapsed if I were standing. About the show: Surprisingly, the first half had no repeats, and for a while I was hoping this trend would continue but then the second one was almost entirely repeats. Anyway, the setlist was pretty good and I actually preferred it to the previous night. The crowd was just a bit more quiet than the one in Lisbon (still very loud though) , which was actually nice, since I could just sit back and enjoy the music. Of the "new" songs highlights for me were Granny, DDTW, Tripping Billies (an epic performance), Stay or Leave and Watchtower (the perfect closer IMO), Stream (wow!!!). Also, I liked #41 better than the night before because on "the difficulty's coming here" line he wnet up with the crowd, whereas in Lisbon he would go down, while the crowd went up. The rest of the repeats were just as good. My lowpoints of the show were, again, Walls and Doors (not a fan of Carlos), and Fool to Think (not a fan of the song). Also, I was hoping to hear Rapunzel instead of Stay in the encore. Overall, though, I think that Porto was a bit better musically, but probably I was too tired to appreciate it as much as the night before. If the setlists were switched between the two, Lisbon would be my clear favorite. Anyway, without a doubt a 5-star show.


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