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Dave Matthews Band
October 8, 2015
du Arena, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate

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Show Reviews

User: alpinevally
Came over from Iowa to visit family in Dubai for a week and planned the trip around seeing the band too. Show #42 and a very solid show. Venue is very strange. Open bowl GA standing with a raised VIP section in the middle basically blocking everyone who isnt in front of the raised VIP area. No air flow and even at night its 90 degrees with suffocating humidty. The venue is very modern looking and the sound/acoustics are good. Crowd was enthusiastic but most people I talked to it was their 1st show, some not really knowing much about the band. Finally met someone later in the night who had been to a decent amount of shows. Like I said earlier, it was hot. Like crazy hot. My shirt was soaked 30 minutes after getting to the venue, before the concert started. No air flow, people packed in tight. My thought on the setlist was that with never playing the Middle East before they wanted to play more recognizable songs, which for the most part they did. Here's why I give it 5 stars though; Ive been to some shows where its been hot/humid but nothing like last night. The band was drenched in sweat 3 songs in. Halfway through it was seriously a constant pouring of sweat off Daves arm. Boyd changed shirts he was so soaked..but....they gave it everythihng they possibly had. At one point Dave sat down on Carters set he was so exhausted during a song. I thought there was a chance he might pass out, he was really struggling. Ive never seen Dave look so physically exhausted. Still though, him and the band brought it and gave everything they had. Do I wish it would have been a two song encore or change a couple songs? Sure, but the band played to their audience and until they had nothing left. There's a lot of bands out there that would have mailed in a 90 minute setlist and walked off. Not these guys, I came away knowing we got their absolute best.

User: sappster
What a fun show. Walked in and saw the electric set up and I thought we missed the first set. Turns out, as we know by now, it was just one set. Nothing like dancing to your "seat" during One Sweet World. 4 rating because of the length and only a one-song encore. Maybe short because of the heat/humidity. Living in the area for 4+ years now, I was ok with the weather, but I am sure the band was suffering on stage. News reports say the 2-hour, 40-minute show is the longest concert in UAE history (by a single band). In 2012 at Alpine the band also played through a very hot and humid night. The songs were all very well played and the band was full of energy. A lot of smiles on stage - they were having fun despite the weather. The VIP platform provided a great view (and sound) over the soundboard. And when all you have to do is turn around to get a beer at the very long bar all the better. The du Arena reportedly holds 25,000 but it was only half full. To compare, the VIP platform/soundboard area seemed to be about the same distance as the beginning of the lawn at Alpine. But since the entire place is GA, attendance might have been 12,000. Hope the rest of the tour goes as well as Abu Dhabi.


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