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Dave Matthews Band
August 14, 2010
InTrust Bank Arena, Wichita, KS

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Show Reviews

User: blackyourjack
Inibriated but I loved it. Blackjack!!!!!!!!

User: BrandMe23
Drove in from KC! DMB rocked this very small playground! Energy was high and the hits were right on. Carter STICKED me again (Last: Sept. 30th, '09 @ Sprint Center)...always nice to get LUCKY twice!

Hyatt Hotel was clean and probably the nicest in town.

See you in Omaha...Ants!

User: davhvc
Incredible set. Wish they woulda added one more song on the encore.

User: dmbkc
The band was great - venue and venue security sucked. Wow Wichita - you can do better?!?!?

User: Drumdog4380
There is no such thing as a bad Dave Matthews Band Show!

User: edskin
The Dave Matthews Band is a better live band today than they were 5, 10, 15
years ago. Period. They have evolved so much. Now, I will admit, that I do not
believe the songs they produce today are as good as 10, 15 years ago, but the
performances are unreal, even minus Leroi.

I'll give you a quick rundown of the show last night:

First of all, I neve pay much attention to opening acts, but Black Joe Lewis and
the Honeybears MADE me notice. Just awesome. So awesome that I will most likely
be purchasing their stuff on itunes...and I would also check them out live if
they were even close.

DMB opened with Minarets...if you are harcore fan, hard not to like this one.
Pretty standard version, not my favorite pick to start a show.

It's really funny, whenever I see You Might Die Trying on a set or album, I tend
to skip over it, but if you actually sit and listen, it's downright awesome.
Crazy good version last night--end jam is excellent and the new Dave "wailing
outro" is sweet.

Some Devil is an A+ album and I'm so glad they have incorporated those songs
into DMB live shows...Stay or Leave is fantastic.

Biggest surprise of the night...by far was Best of What's Around, another
classic of course.

Seven? What can you say? Just brilliant. Stunned how good Dave's voice was on
this last night. Incredible.

Funny the Way it Is was next...I'm indifferent. It's catchy enough and I enjoy
singing along, I like Tim's little solo. On the list of "pop songs" this one is
OK by me.

Don't Drink the Water...so good with Tim

Surprise number 2...the first ever full band Baby Blue. It's a beautiful song,
maybe the best lyrics Dave has written in a decade.

Lying in the Hands of God..not only is this song in my top 10 of all-time DMB
studio songs, it's not closing in on the live list as well. Jeff Coffin blows it
up on this one....up to this point inthe show there wasn't a ton of all-out
jamming, but this song changed that. Carter and Coffin go back and forth and it
just gets better and better. Totally ridiculous.

Crush....this one is so awesome because it's one song that the casual fans know
and get excited about, while the hardcore fans also love it. Great energy, crowd
was really into it. First time of
the night Boyd really shined.

Why I Am. I'm begging for this song to become an opener. It's short, energetic
and heartfelt because it is THE song dedicated to Leroi. They can plop this song
into any setlist at any point and it really works. They've never added any
jamming to it which surprises me a bit.

Gravedigger..finally, a pee break. Not a fan of it live at all. Decent on the
album, but I find it boring live. Went to the restroom and got back just in time

Lie in Our Graves! My first one...so excited. A tad disappointed Tim didn't jam,
but Boyd went on for about 5 minutes and it was just awesome.

Up to this point, the show was truly an A+. I was pretty floored by the set and
the performances in general.

From then on, I do think the show lost some momentum....

They played a brand new song called Black Jack. I think it's really interesting
and I could definitely see myself loving it down the road, but it's hard to
really get into a song you don't know.

Shake Me Like a Monkey. Again, pretty indifferent. I knew the set was winding
down, and I was a bit disappointed this one was still on the list. I think it's
pretty cool, but they've added nothing to it live so it's kind of "blah" for me.

You and Me...do NOT like at all...at least on the album. Was bummed to hear it
so late in the set..although I will say I was pleasantly surprised...Carter did
some nice stuff on it and the crowd did a lot of singing along which also
surprised me. I guess it's sort of a smiley/happy song, so that's alright.

Closed the set with Ants Marching. Carter had an extended intro that I have not
heard before, Boyd jammed longer than usual. Can never complain about getting

Encore was short, but pretty good:

Some Devil (Dave solo)....again, impressed with his voice

Grey Street closed...great full band jam, but short. Was hoping for a third song
like Two Step or Tripping Billies, but that was it.

Fantastic show...the beginning was extremely good, the middle was literally the
best run of songs I've ever seen live, and the end was mildly disappointed, but
saved by Ants and Grey Street.

The sound is just so polished now...the jams are precise...Carter has really
taken a larger role than he had even just five years ago. Jeff Coffin will never
be able to emulate Leroi on songs like Proudest Monkey, #34, etc.... so they
really don't try...he sticks to what he's best at which is the all-out jam. Tim
was a bit quiet but had some nice moments. Rashawn Ross usually has some nice
solos, but he was barely even there last night.

If you guys get the chance, you really need to go check them out. They have
already announced they will not tour in 2011 for the first time in 20 years.
They have said they are not breaking up and will come back in 2012, but you
never know (no pun intended).

After all these years, they are still the only band that I get truly excited to
see....lots of great bands out there, and probably quite a few that are
currently producing better tunes than DMB, but when it comes to a live show and
pure music once you rip away all the lights and effects and stuff, DMB is still
the king.

User: Einjaeger
rough show, apparently one of the trucks didn't show? small stage with limited screens

User: FredGarvin
Venue sucked, security took my Carter drumstick!

User: GHeinz5757
Awesome show. I'm a hug fan of Black Jack now and for the first time ever I got to bring home one of Carter's drumsticks as a souvenir!

User: greybart41
Solid. The crowd lacked a bit, but security was pretty intrusive all night on the floor. Enjoyable regardless!

User: Jaaz420
Great show! A little more "intimate" with the smaller indoor crowd & the the boys coming to the front of the stage, over the rail n shakin hands & slappin 5 to people up on the rail.

User: Jakeb206
awesome show w/ my gf

User: jarguitar86
YMDT and Seven are the new Bayou & BOWA was a complete trainwreck. Minarets was a great start to the night and LITHOG was mind blowing. Carter and Jeff are amazing to watch interplay.

User: jayhawk15
First time I had front row and it was a lot of fun. Pretty decent set list, was happy to hear Minarets and BOWA.

User: JBrennan09
Floor with Karen

User: jesslaura
Excellent set. The band seemed to have energy although the crowd was a bit sedate.

User: justininok3278
Nice venue. My 30th show and this one seemed more intimate than the others. Less lights. heard ddtw...again. As usual, they never disappoint.

User: keithalysia
Sound was incredible. Band seemed really energized...it was a great show!

User: mattomalley84
4 of us drove from Pittsburg, KS. My 8th show. Our seats weren't great, a lot of people around weren't getting into it enough, but we were gettin dowwwwwn! Dave and Boyd were on fire all night, Rashawn and Tim were spot on, Jeff had an impressive solo too. Steffan's solo before Crush was tasty, Carter before Ants was eargasmic! YMDT and LyingITHandsOGod were mega-jams, great stuff. I got my 1st Minarets(opener), LITHOG, Blackjack, Some Devil(wow!), and Lie In Our Graves which was one of my all time best DMB moments! All in all DMB's 1st ever show in Wichita was very well done. Come back to KS soon, there's no place like home!

User: noobert
Very solid show. MINARETS! The crowd wasn't the best, but whatever. I saw maybe one other person singing along to Minarets. The band had more energy than I've seen all tour, especially Boyd. He was dialed in for the first time in awhile. He was practically sleeping through Alpine. BOWA and LIOG were highlights. Did I mention Minarets? :) Short encore; there must've been a noise ordinance since they quit at pretty much 11 on the dot. Good venue as far as indoors goes. Overall a very good show.

User: onlytbone
A very good show, maybe could've used less GrooGrux songs, but hey Minarets opened!!! Not to mention Best of What's Around, Lie in Our Graves and Blackjack - Maybe not the most memorable of all my shows but I was close to the stage and Minarets just set the stage for a chill evening with Dave

User: Ranger
My very first DMB show. I left this venue wanting a little more, understanding that this arena couldn't provide me the raw energy experienced at much larger open-air venues. I crave more shows and desire to be a well-seasoned DMB fan for years to come. Regardless, I had one hell of a time before, during and after the show! Gorge 2012 or bust.

User: rbdntd

User: Sugarwill22
This show had it all. Rare teases, old treasured songs, great new album songs, and an Unreleased Song. Great show.

User: trivtrav
Best show I have been to, seat location probably had a lot to do with that. Band was awesome...a little disappointed by the short encore but was glad I got to see Dave do some devil.

User: ukcanes
I love GA floor shows

User: vwsanley
The band was fantastic tonight with great energy. I really liked the setlist but can see it would appeal to a more seasoned fan. Would have been nice to have a better sound system and some video boards but as always the guys were great!


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