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Dave Matthews Band
July 2, 2009
Rock Werchter 2009, Festivalterrein, Werchter, Rotselaar

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User: Branty
Lilly Allen had been on stage before Dave Matthews Band. I saw the large crowd for her and thought I would struggle to get close to the front for DMB, but it was easy. I reckon no more than 200 people out of a crowd of around 55,000 had heard of DMB.

Dave introduced themselves to the crowd saying they were going to play some country music, which I found a little strange. I don't think you can categorise DMB's music like that.

The songs played were all solid and the crowd loved Dave's dancing.They definitely won over the majority of the crowd with chants of 'Dave, Dave, Dave' being shouted around. Later on in the set Dave once again talks about them playing country music, but then said something like 'or something like that'. As if to say try defining our music into a genre.

The only disappointing thing about the show was the cameras at rock werchter. They kept filming Dave for long periods during other band members solos. I don't think they realised that unlike a lot of other bands at this festival, the front man is not the only member that is top class. Dave ended up pointing to members when they were doing a solo. Not sure if that was for the camera mans benefit.

I spoke to a few people throughout the rest of the festival about DMB and they said they liked what they heard even though this was the first time they had heard them. That sounds promising for a greater DMB fan base in Europe.

The set list might not look to have many rare songs. I has heard all these songs from the 2 night show at Brxiton. But DMB had changed a few things with the songs and watching DMB win over a large crowd of unfamiliar faces was great to witness.

User: Florent
full review.
Thursday and Friday: http://babass.canalblog.com/archives/2009/07/09/14353213.html
saturday and sunday: http://babass.canalblog.com/archives/2009/07/09/14379984.html

Shake Me Like a Monkey
Donít Drink the Water
Corn Bread
Funny The Way It Is
Crash (Into Me)
You Might Die Trying
Alligator Pie
Two Step
(Halloween intro)
Ants Marching
All Along The Watchtower / Stairway to heaven (Medley)

User: Naga-Pampa
ROCK WERCHTER WAS AMAZING!!! Watchtower was beyond incredible at this show.


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