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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 13, 2007
E-Werk, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen

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Show Reviews

User: bruno.foerster
Great Show, although my position was not so good. Some idiots were talking so loud, that one couldn't hear the fantastic music. Tim and Dave were in an incredible mood. Thanx Now I'm looking forward for Bruxelles.

User: cranker
Unbelivable. Absolute Amazing!

User: dutchdmbfan
The sound was amazing, great show!

User: Eversharp
Best set of this tour

User: forchia
Great great show, with an AWESOME encore (Ants Marching + Grey Street + Grace is Gone in a row!!!) The venue is a really nice one, with red/blue color spotlights, looks like an old brewery!!!

User: kermit11
Amazing! Anyone thinks there was a better setlist this tour?

User: Lenier
First show I've been to. Amazing sound. Incredible Dave & Tim. Good crowd. Loved #41. Brüssel, here I come.

User: Maruk
The first time I saw Dave live...it was AMAZING! For me it was kind of unreal to be about 15m away from him. The show was amazing and the crowd too...Tim Reynolds is amazing with the accoustic guitar! And there where many guy's from the US! I was supprised! :) No I HAVE TO got to the London Concert or to one the follwing concerts in the states...to enjoy the hole band! I hope somebody will provide the show! :P

User: pampelmu
Great Show in Kölle, please do it again

User: Rionegrino
It was awesome, an incredible setlist, an special when Dave said that the only Plastic asshole belong to the M!"·$· George W.

User: samannmann
Amazing show!! Timmy was absoultely incredible. Unforgettable!!

User: Schwartmann
Great show!

User: sebastianbgm

User: SmoothRider[PL]
Hello Again Dave!! Again, I was standing in 1st row. We had our flag (Hope to see you in Poland) and Dave saw us (again :) He pointed us with a finger and after a set he threw us his guitar stick!!! OMFG!!! And the show? It was one of most beautiful moments in my life. Thank You so much Dave!!! I hope to see You again (for example: in Poland ;)

User: Toconix
From gooseflesh to tears in the eyes. What an emotional experience. I'm at a loss for words. WOW

User: tyl-76
Another sold out show. Nice venue, I was at the left balcony. Great show again!!


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