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Dave Matthews Band
May 2, 2007
Festival Theatre, Adelaide, South Australia

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Show Reviews

User: awakening22
Unbelievable amazing concert! Had amazing seats, and then were honoured with even better seats from the band! Went with friends and huge fans from Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart and Perth and loved every minute of it! Thank you Dave for coming! Cheers, Toni

User: domokun
This show was absolutely incredible! My first DMB show and it was amazing. Me and my mate Scotty were in the dress circle and were incredibly impressed. The band has earnt a great respect from its fans and upholds this by communicating with the audience in a way the most bands nowadays do not. Anyone else who was lucky enough to attend this show will agree with me when I say it will not be easily forgotten. Oh, and Dave has a great sense of humour! Welcome back anytime!k

User: harmonics
Pretty awesome... Have wait ages for them to come to Adelaide!

User: keezy76
Amazing set best I have seen yet. Thanks for the music guys and thank you fro coming to Adelaide.

User: kmdaly
This is MY review you don’t have to like it and you don’t have to agree with me.

There’ll be stuff I thought was great that you didn’t and stuff you liked that I didn’t

Adelaide 2nd May 2005

Still Water * (Tease)
Don’t Drink the Water *
Still water was a nice way to start the show you’re there thinking is it going to be Bartender or DDTW waiting…. waiting…. waiting……. DDTW……This was solid Dave was way more focused than last night and this was a great opener

Crash Into Me *
Similar feelings to Melb

Seek Up *
The First 5-6 notes had me in total disbelief……….. If I had to ever pick just one song to hear this would be it every time. I hoped for it sent out little vibes out during the day and was so overwhelmed and just so ecstatic to hear this song. 22 minutes of heaven………..

Dream Girl *
Well those that know me know of my absolute dislike of this song I always said that I would sit down if they played it well sorry guys but I stayed standing but from what I’ve been told my face said it all hearing it live did not change my opinion of this song and nothing more needs to be said about it

Hunger For The Great Light *
I’m getting into this song after hearing it live………… its just a dirty sexy fun song

Crush *
Bass intro still the watchtower/crush thoughts………..ok crush well boyd was going off…………… much more into it than last night….. wandering around and getting close up to the Japanese woman next to me who was a little freaked out nice solos rashawn and roi

Dave speak: ”everybody doing good I hope thankyou ……yeah this a pretty theatre y’all listen so beautifully make a man paranoid cause it usually sound like when were in the states it’s a little… the audiences most of them are on the telephone they’ll come a lot of them come but they’re all on the telephone and they’re all they’re all really loud so then being having the honour of playing to an audience like y’all that listen so carefully thats real beautiful so thankyou very much……….. you still make a man paranoid”

When The World Ends *
Intro’d this song mentioning 9/11

Pantala Naga Pampa *
Rapunzel *
Great again can anyone tell me what the “Like it like that” is about it was sung several times on both nights during Rapunzel

Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd *
Was not expecting this out of left field for me during the intro he was talking about running into an old friend and I just couldn’t think of what it would be. My opinion or lack there of for this song has not really changed after hearing it live

@7.28 theres some interesting banter within the band all I can understand is Dave saying I don’t feel like the Maker you know what I’m saying… Rashawn you smartypants evil laugh then just …….This is a song by Daniel Lanois
I heard this on the night but wasn’t sure if it was dave or rashawn that didn’t want to play the song and I still don’t know????

The Maker *
I’ve always liked this song ……….‘Oh River rise from your sleep’

The Idea Of You *
I have loved the progression of this song from something that creeped me out to something that I really enjoy Dave mentioned that they haven’t actually recorded this yet but that its on the internet

Louisiana Bayou *
So much better than last night thank god I enjoyed it better this time around, the Jam is funky and fun its great to see them all at once building it up at the end…..

Down By The River *
I’m really enjoying this cover and so are they 4 shows in a row

Two Step *
What an intro Dave singing about a daughter who asked “daddy” to tell her a story about you…………… to tell her something, make it good, make it sweet, and make it true, would you tell me about you…………………….. it was sung and not a mumbled bunch of random words.

CARTER IS THE MAN stellar performance

Sister +
This is such a nice song and again I enjoyed it
When the rest of the band came back on the stage they all acknowledged Daves performance

Everyday *
Where are the Hanis people??? I tried but I think we missed the boat well at the start at least ……….we definitely got them in at the end which you can hear (just) those around me were singing…… strange vibe during this song……….

Ants Marching *
A good way to end a great show I wish it could last forever………….

Other stuff
This was a great show even though many songs were repeated from the previous night DMB were much more switched on tonight whether it be one more day getting over jetlag or just the amazing venue itself or just getting out the cobwebs. So for all those who saw the set list and went whatever this is a great show.

This venue was amazing so intimate like a concert hall seating approx 1500 people

Carter was on fire tonight it was his night he rose to the occasion

This night became special by sharing it with people who were there to just enjoy the magic of the Dave Matthews Band so thanks to Adam, Meredith, Louisa, Patricia and my new friend Junko!!!

Meeting Stefan Dave and Carter after the show was also nice I still have mixed feelings about this but hey whats done is done………………

User: mailhot
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to everyone who took part in the inaugural Dave Matthews Band Big Breakfast Tour of Australia.....it was a gas...four concerts in four cities in five days Just the anticipation of what the first song is gunna be.....the show...party....crash out...wake up for a big breakfast.....hop on a plane.....and do it all over again....The shows were all diferent and all awesome.....thanks to Rick. Dave, Cassady, Toni, Adam, Kirk, Cloe, Tim and Cheyne ........ We laughed and cried we got smashed and crashed (that was me in adelaide) ........It was a trip of a lifetime and always will be remembered .......special thanks to Cheyne for putting it all together........ Start saving cause we definately are doing it again ............... hopefully next year ..................long live DMB

User: meister08
This was my first DMB concert, and what a way to start!!! Coming from Perth WA, my girlfriend and I met some mates (who are also massive DMB fans) from Melbourne Victoria, Hobart Tasmania, and Brisbane QLD. We even managed to get upgraded from front row in the dress circle to row E right in front of stage by scoring some of the bands tickets! I couldn't have hoped for a better night!

User: PenandPaper
One Word... AMAZING!!!!!! I love every second!!! only the second time i've seen the DMB but it was totally worth the wait the guys did an incredible job, the theatre was an awesome and intimate setting to see such talented musicians!! Capped the night off with meeting all the band after the show!!

User: Twah
Incredible - Definitely worth the wait after the tour was postponed! The boys were on fire and it was amazing to be in the front row! Hope they can make it to Perth on the next tour!


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