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Dave Matthews Band
October 20, 2006
Sun Bowl Stadium, El Paso, TX

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Show Reviews

User: amatthewsfan
me Danny and Alana DMB open for the stones first time we all saw the stones. Front row seats

User: barefootservant
Although all the songs played were wonderful, I was slightly sad that there wasn't something new, but seeing that most of the songs were ones that everyon would know, it was wonderful. Too short, but wonderful!

User: chellek23
good show, loved the song Dave came to sing with the Stones

User: cris_cal
Show started in time, and rocked the house. Although many people were just getting into the stadium as the band played on. Dave Matthews highlight this night was a superb duet with Mick Jagger!

User: dmbdreamingtree
great performance by dmb...loved the ddtw opener and the LB->AM closer....dave did great w/ mick on "let it bleed" as well. El Paso and dMb rocked.

User: dr1015bob
My first time seeing DMB. It was pretty cool but they were a bit overshadowed by the Stones.

User: Echo
Great to see DMB in El Paso..I travel to see him but this time all I had to do was visit my hometown. I flew from Denver to El Paso just to catch this show and it ROCKED!!

User: eric_dmbfan03
Good set. Let It Bleed was a treat during the Stones' set.

User: GoverJKG
Pretty amazing show considering these are two of the three most powerful bands in the world. (The other being U2 by the way). Dave guested on LET IT BLEED (which was expected since he did it in Seattle) and it was actually a nice choice for him and his vocals. They really should've given him a guitar though cause he walked around patting his chest to the beat. Show #28 was quite memorable for me! Would have been more memorable if the bitch two rows behind me hadn't have taken the drum stick Carter threw at me.

User: livebait
Great show, Dave and the boys really were on tonight. Especially Boyd, he was on fire, he tore up jimi thing and everyday. Really wished to hear a new jam like cant stop or shotgun, but i guess they had to play the old hits considering they were opening up and the greatest hits album is on the way.

User: MarkCClifford
great show. but only got to play an hour. that was dissapointing. covered most their albums. sick ass jam on jimi thing, and lousiana bayou, and people complain that DMB cant jam on their new material? ive seen them 5 times and that was one of the best jams was on LB. Dave almost looked out of place during "Let It Bleed" as he is used to having a guitar in front of him, he had to keep the beat no his chest. first time DMB has been to El Paso, hope they where somewhat impressed with the fans so they can schudeule EP in the future.

User: matolaj13
Great Show

User: shesaid1000
The crowd sucked and I heard Dave tell Carter that as well. DDTW was incredible and so was mid setlist Stay. 12th show and by far my least favorite. This was my hometown and I came in for the show from Dallas. Played for only an hour and that was expected but any DMB is better than sitting at home. The Stones need to hang it up, they really needed the props and fire to disguise the bad music. Having Dave out there for Let it Bleed helped the Stones.

User: skash73
By far the best stage set up I've ever seen. It was a little wierd only hearing about half of a normal set list, but I'll take what I can get. It was also cool seeing Dave guest on "Let It Bleed" with Mick and the boys. I didn't realize geriatrics could get around like that. This was my 28th show and an unforgettable one at that. It was also a neat to see the mounatins around the stadium. Reminded me a little bit of Red Rocks in CO. Definitely worth the money, especially flying in from Ohio.


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