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Dave Matthews Band
March 14, 1994
Hairy Mary's, Des Moines, IA

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Show Reviews

User: thecavenation
This show was actually booked by Randy Hinchliff and Reckless Productions. The production company was started by myself and Clint Buckner back in 1992. We brought The Samples, Big Head Todd, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Freddy Jones, etc to Des Moines multiple times, mostly at Z International. The funny thing was nobody knew DMB at the time and we needed a smaller venue. I believe there were about 25 tix sold and another 25 given away. The sound system sucked, Carter's monitor blew up, and then the police raided the place for underage drinking. I remember grabbing Stefan Lessard because we were both only 20 at the time and sneaking out the back door of the bar. Then we found Boyd and Randy sitting in the van drinkin Budweiser. I remember we were watching the cops haul all these kids out of there and arrest them and I was apologizing to Boyd for the small turnout, etc. Then he turns to me and says "yea man, don't worry about it, next time we come through maybe we'll have a tour bus too..." Classic. Oh and DMB made $450 guaranteed cash that night. I have the contract right here.


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