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Dave Matthews
May 15, 2006
Hammersmith Apollo, London, Greater London

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Show Reviews

User: ajmyoda
Simply Fantastic. Spoiled by (sorry to say) the Americans present ... and Dave told them so!

User: beccaboo77
the man was as brilliant as ever, but getting chattier with the crowd!

User: bobd
Awesome! See antsmarching forums or proudestmonkeys.org for my review :)

User: bongo
ouuu europe ... after more than a decade of waiting, a couple of miss-hits i fiiiinally got to see the man !!! amaaazing show - he didn`t jam around the songs but brought 18 great tunes to one crazy audience. (was missing 'the stone' though). i took a bucket full of nice shots from row A so drop me a mail if you`d like some jpgs. hoping to make it overseas next year to see the rest of the crew... peace!

User: buttface
Unbelievable, i've seen alot of gigs, never Dave matthews before though, i absolutelym loved it, definitely in top 3 gigs of all time!! And what a bloody hilarious bloke, he could be a comedian if he wanted to be, seeing some of the rubbish on the tele, he would wipe the floor wth them by telling the story about getting thrown off a horse

User: Chandler84
My first show because i'm french and it's Awesome

User: cmfriese
The show was outstanding to say the least. This being my first time seeing Dave outside the US, I can now say that the fans have the same energy on both sides of the Atlantic. Last time I saw him was in Boulder, Co back in 2001, that was a great show but this seemed more personal.

User: drennan05

User: ekaws
I have fooled DM since 95 and have all the official releases. Eeven manged to get Two Things pre internet which was a real challenge. This is the first time I've seen him. Took my daughter. It was a great show and she was impressed. Really enjoyed the inclusion of Some Devil material and was glad to hear he'd come to meet English people who were probably in the great minority. Was there a hint he's bringing the band soon?

User: futbalguy
Loved it!

User: icklezoe
Was fantastic night. Dave was truly on form. Was a shame so many people felt the need to drunkenly shout out requests, but thankfully didn't totally spoil the night.

User: infected1789
I still can't believe it happened..

User: JenniBee1
The show was amazing. Played most of my favorite songs.

User: Lorentzen
This was my first ever show with DM/DMB. Dave was really amazing this night - even though many fans in the room acted like total idiots. Shouting and fighting, and basicaly ruined the experience for the majority of the crowd. Dave was affected by this, but was very cool still. He made a very cool Dave-speak about him, Watchtower and Bob Dylan

User: lox0r
Great show! I have seen Tim and Dave in Radio City and this show was much better than that show!

User: madseason

User: marius2
First time seeing Dave and what a start! Absolutely amazing!

User: mattkp
Front row....need i say more? Heaven!

User: michael_stein
as soon as i heard that dm will come to europe i've ordered the tickets for the concert and for the flight to london. it was the first time i could see dave m. live - for me it was amazing! although i also like the "some devil - songs" the crowd was more enthusiastic with all the others like crush, crash into me ... all along the watchtower for itself was worth to do the trip from austria just for dm! will try to be at randall's island in the summer!

User: neiner
wonderful solo performance for UK fans starved of live shows for too long - fun crowd of Americans, English, South Africans, etc. with lots of yelling at bizarre times. DM was in good form - very funny in between songs and absolutely amazing playing Sister and All Along the Watchtower

User: Ruth Barrymore
Fantastic, we went to all three shows in England. Dave never ceases to delight and shock us with his unlimited talent. He also has a great sense of humor.

User: spetrie2
absolutely amazing. Better than I could ever have hoped for! Can't wait for Dave to come back with the band.

User: Springsteen1969
FRONT ROW CENTER. DAVE solo. In London. On my Birthday. Crazy!

User: superfint
3rd Row Baby!

User: torbenthorhauge
Great to see Dave acoustic for the first time. He's so funny when making jokes and telling stories. I was, though, very anoid with a lot of people in the audience. All the time they had to get out of their seats - and everytime a whole line of people had to get up. I think it's very disrespectful and doesn't belong to an acoustic performance. And on top of that - the small group of people yelling the same song requests over and over. Even Dave was anoid by this... But anyway - great show! Looking forward to see the band in New York this summer :-) Torben (Denmark)

User: veedubrach
Incredible night. Didn't think it would beat tutu's in Feb, but it was just as good. Can't believe he played IBYU ( My wedding song!)


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