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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
October 30, 2005
Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA

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Show Reviews

User: ayeeya
incredible show. norah jones and jerry lee lewis were awesome too!

User: bigd3535

User: blackcat67
If my heads spinning and I'm feeling bad, the only place I'm going to be is in bed. A passionate, professional performance. I enjoyed the throaty "macho" voice, though felt sorry for how painful it seemed to use.

User: dmbmartinez
It was not dave's best show, he lost his voice so he could not sing that well.

User: Erica Flora
Okay, first of all; I was too excited that I was able to see Dave solo again AND so excited that I didn't have to wait till next summer to hear live stuff. =) Dave lost his voice in Vegas (which, if I wasn't a poor college student, I would have been there!) and it was so funny because when I saw him on the Dave and Friends tour in Los Angeles a few years ago, he had lost his voice too. Hearing that he had lost it for Sundays Bridge School show too, only made me laugh. Of all the times (24) I've seen Dave live, he NEVER tells stories or acts super goofy like you hear him on live CDs, so when he was on stage, being wasted and being goofy, I was having the time of my life. FOR SURE the 3rd best Dave performance. And I have to say, I TOTALLY called it that Tim would be there! So awesome!!! I would do almost anything to hear audio from that set. Video would be nice too, but that's pushing my luck.

User: Fish'sDreams
Dave explored a few too many of the "seedy underbellies" of Vegas and had no voice. That being said, he wasted a lot of time he would have had to spend singing by telling awesome stories and being just generally wasted. Tripping Billies was amazing. Dave went for it on Gravedigger even though his larynx was destroyed, which was admirable. Improv Vegas intro to Nancies was too cool. Thank God Tim was there to save the show with his guitar mastery, even though his name didn't make it on to the T-Shirt.

User: jd_marching
It was great to see Tim there. Too bad the set was so short! But, that's the rub at the Bridge Benefit shows.

User: kuritorisu51
Dave lost his voice

User: mama_tried
Great set. Dave's voice was gone from too much partying in Vegas. Always great to see him at this concert.

User: mobymoby
Dave seemed a little under the weather from Vegoose, but still dominated the show. Gravedigger absolutely rocked.

User: OscrDGrch
The BSB is always the best!

User: penn darvis
Dave's voice was pretty shot and the set was a little short, even for Bridge School. It was really cool to see them set up the second stool and then having my suspicions confirmed when they introduced Dave and Tim.

User: S,S,FH
What a really fun show. My first time seeing Dave and Tim, third time seeing Dave without the rest of the band. Even though the set was kind of short it was still long (40 minutes or so). A lot of Dave speak and really awesome nancies intro! Gravedigger was really emotionally sung and Billies was really good as well. Really happy with the performance. When Dave and Tim came out they shook hands with all the kids on the stage, something you don't see any of the other performers doing. Dave and Tim were the most professional ones there. True icons for singer song writers. Can't wait to see who shows up next year, the 20th anniversary.

User: skiddiet
good songs - better Davespeak to be honest


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