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Dave Matthews Band
May 17, 2005
Storytellers, Brooklyn Academy Of Music, Harvey Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

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Show Reviews

User: Behrend
Holy Fucking God

User: Caesar024
What a show! Little teaser to the 2005 tour and a great chance to see the boys in an intimate setting. Met a bunch of cool WHers as well.

User: Captian41
This experience of the whole band doing Storytellers was great! Even though the setlist was short and I thought that Too Much sounded alittle bit off(sluggest), the rest of the set sounded right on! Looking forward to watching it in September. I get free tickets at the door and ended up third row center! Can't be better! Camden next week!

User: dmb41nj
great setting, amazing experience, lucky enough to not only get invited but be seated right up front in the third row, can't wait to see it on tv

User: DMBdreamin
I just wanna thank the warehouse for this show.. I had the best time ever and the most amazing seat and view :)

User: jharap
great intimate show

User: muzicgirl
This was a rare treat- haven't seen dave in a venue this small in a very very very long time.. . how awesome. . an intimate show with a few hundred of your fans.. . .oh did I say AWESOME!

User: oscargamble
Yep, this was a defining experience. Thought I was lucky enough to be there, but also got to sit on the stage with 17 other people. Rediculously awesome!

User: saada_paan
very good to be at was a blessing from the warehouse. damn shame I had to go by myself though

User: sinatrafdu
Absolutley incredible...met some great people...and the band was amazing...even got to sit on the stage!!! Words can not describe this feeling!

User: susano186
well for some reason my original review disappeared but for the record, being at this show was by far one of the most incredible experiences i've ever had...met dave outside, sat center on the stage, kick started the random questioning by asking carter what kind of gum he chews (just for kicks and yes i was *that* girl), ahhhhh just amazing i was blown away :D

User: timg1414
nice to see the band in a small setting like this. i had a great time and the new songs seemed to be played pretty well

User: wlitchman
The most amazing night with DMB ever...!! No concert will ever top this..thank you DMB for this truely spectacular show !!

User: Yappy2005
This show was sick, I got shafted from getting any summer seats. This blows away any summer show though. Onlywouldve been better if I couldve met the band. Second row back from stage. So Sweet. Lot of cool people, such a better vibe than the big shows. Wish more were liek this. I dont get how I was the second one online for tickets and I still didnt get stage seats or at least row A.. Bubble gum question girl was right behind me, she sat on stage. ha ha Sick Night!!!


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