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Dave Matthews Band
March 21, 2005
Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria

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Show Reviews

User: bobbygolfpro
My second DMB show and first of three that I saw on the Australian leg, was pretty weird seeing the band indoors and I wasn't that impressed with the setlist.. kind of felt like they were trying to play songs the crowd knew best. Still, always awesome to see such a great band in OZ!

User: camduke
this show was great its was such a privilage to be a part of the bands first tour downunder. Hello again and american baby were sensational and dave took a little scat solo through jimi thing which was unlike anything i had heard before. then we stuck around in the wind and the cold for 2 hours to catch a glimpse of the guys at the stage door to our amazement they came out took photos and signed heaps of stuff for us. what an unbeliveble experience. Thanks DMB

User: Coxy
First show ever for myself, so can't comment much I guess. Acoustics were a little ordinary in the theatre, but full cred to the boys for turning it on.

User: darth_eeyore
I'M BLOWN AWAY. After ten years waiting I'm now one happy hombre. Dream of a setlist and I think my fellow Aussies more than lived up to the dmb fan standard. The encore was a ripper with the finale Ants rocking hard. What a night! Come back soon Dave!

User: david23
Great set tonight - they really picked up from where they left off the night before. Last night the crowd was screaming for #41 so that was first up tonight. Finally got to see them do Two Step after 3 and a half shows - weel worth the wait. Amazing version of Hello Again - Carter went off.

User: Dmbfan1375
I finally got to meet the guys, I got a chance to speak to Fonzie b4 the show and I asked them to play #41 b/c it was my 41st show...They DID!!! I traveled all the way from the U.S. to see them

User: dmb_aus
Probably one of the best nights of the Australian tour (although I didn't go to Byron)!.

User: greymonkey

User: harmonics
An amazing second show (ever!) for me. Had many of my fav songs. Ants marching rocked out pretty hard... Show was nice and intimate as well. Although being my second show I would have been pretty easy to please. Don't mind though- as long as I enjoyed it hey!

User: jtf1444
amazing show, the best of their solo shows in Australia !

User: Lucas Wright
My first Dave Matthews concert, 9 years waiting - and well worth the wait. Small venue..though I think Melbourne showed there appreciation. Was great to hear something fresh such as American baby & Hello again (Cant wait for Stand Up!)..will hopefully get another tour Down Under for the new album. If not I reakon Carter would come alone after the response he recieved from Melbourne - THEY LOVED HIM!

User: lukep2

User: megatone
2nd show even better than the first. During the two nights they played all the songs I had hoped for. Two Step the best!

User: Milenk
Incredible night all in all. Was front & center for Dave announcing the opener who in his words 'sings like an angel.' The show was awesome. #41 as opener, Satellite, Two Step, Rapunzel, Everyday, & Watchtower all were off the hook. American Baby is a great song- I don't care what anyone says. Hello Again is awesome, and Ants to finish us off, gotta love it. "Why you gotta call when you got nothin to say?" during Jimi Thing. After the show I waited out back for an hour and a half to greet the band. Some dude had a guitar and we all rocked out singing So Much To Say and Gravedigger, then Boyd & Stefan came out signing autgraphs and talking to everyone, a little later Dave came out by climbing down a firescape for no reason. Got my picture with the man, signed a bumper sticker too. Best concert experience for me ever, hands down. 3000 person venue- not a bad seat in the house, DMB kicked the roof off that place, they'll be recognized after they leave, the new album will be sick.

User: nmcgrath
Best concert I have ever seen!! Travelled to AZ last year to see the band but to see them in my home town and to play all my favorite songs was a real treat. Also went to the blues festival in Byron Bay and they were the best gig in the five days.

User: nymms
Second show of the Oz tour IMHO but this was probably due to the set list and I knew what to expect.

User: o.wakefield
An amazing night, small venue but really pumped crowd. Dave met a bunch of us before the show (I got a photo with him). Heaps of interaction by the band, Carter talked to the crowd between songs. All of the favourites were played over the two nights. Awesome two step, ants, 41, billies, grey st. All it needed was lie in our graves, and the two nights would be perfect.

User: SarahB
Quite possibly the best show I've ever seen. Great seats can make such an enormous difference- I could really "feel" the band. It was brilliant!

User: sarahjane13
what an awesome show it was my first the vibe was awesome

User: scelosia
As always, DMB was amazing! I was incredibly excited when the announcement came out that they were going to play in Melbourne as I am only here from Feb.-May of 2005 for school. What a treat to see DMB overseas! It was great to see that the Aussies love them just as much. Also nice to be in such a small venue compared to the stadiums back in the US.

User: skizzdc
Easily one of the best set lists ever! If they'd added Stay I'd have to say there was devine intervention! :) The boys were definitely on tonight, Dave was hilarious and their were some amazing solos, including an awesome drum solo by Carter! Everyone was on, and there was a lot of improv! One of the best shows I've ever been to!

User: specialkerry
First time I'd seen the band, new spewing I didn't go to the night before as well. And the rest of the shows over the country! haha. Totally fantastic, not a dissapointment at all! Great set! -Kerry.

User: stay_marching
just as good as the ngiht before, cant beleive we got two great setlists. hihlights were ants, #41, PNP>rapunzel and lover lay down. AB just keeps getting better :)


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