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Dave Matthews Band
March 20, 2005
Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria

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Show Reviews

User: benjiholzman

User: david23
So good to finally see DMB in Australia. Very appreciative audience tonight. Got to meet Leroi before the show which was special.

User: dmb_aus
Awesome opener for the band - not quite as a good a setlist as night two in Melbourne, but great nonetheless.

User: drouyn
Wow. Wow-e-wow. Spent the whole of 'OSW' in shock. 'Bartender' was awesome, with one hell of a long penny whistle solo. Fortunately we managed to have some decent 'woo's' in 'Warehouse'. My sister and girlfriend were both there, first show each, and they absolutely loved it. Conversion has begun. 'BOWA' was a surprise, and a welcome one at that. 'American Baby' was a bit loose, but has a lot of potential and the new 'DDTW' intro/outro was beautiful.

User: drumming rose
My first DMB show - finally, after 11 years of being a fan. And just about the last place I ever thought it would be, too. When I moved to Australia three years ago I resigned myself to the fact I'd probably never see 'em. For a drummer, any DMB show is a religious experience. It is worth the price of admission alone just to see one of my biggest playing influences in the flesh and it was a night I'll never forget. I have to admit, during "Grey St" (my favorite song) I got a bit choked up. It is not just because that song has always spoken to me personally, but the context of the night gave it greater meaning. I love Australia but get terribly homesick from time to time, and to be in an audience full of Americans hearing the DMB playing that song to me, well, it was an out of body experience. For one moment at least, I'd forgotten that I was on the other side of the world. The set list was absolutely perfect. Before the show I had a list in my head of four absolutely must-hear songs. They played all four. I couldn't afford to see the second show, but I did hang around outside and get Dave's John Hancock. Goes nicely with Boyd's from the previous night.

User: Flecktone
Front row centre, right in front of dave. I'd waited over 9 years for this experience. After seeing it, I'd happily wait another 9, if I had to. This was the single most amazing musical expereince of my life. I'm still in shock from it all. -I'm Blown Away....

User: greymonkey
kick ass

User: harmonics
A freakn good first show!! Have been waiting five years to see them... Pretty cool set at a nice intimate venue.

User: jonal_mu
The first time ive seen DMB and it was awesome. I came home to Australia early from CA to see them in OZ. I knew every song apart from American Baby which was awesome, wish i had the money to have seen the next nights concert. Cant wait till DMB comes to OZ again...

User: jtf1444
finally !!!!!!!!!!!!

User: megatone
First ever show - everything I could have hoped for

User: Milenk
Great show. I sat front & center for Dave's intro of the opening guy, who was just like some dude with a guitar that they pulled in off the street. At first the band seemed a little apprehensive about playing in Australia in such a small venue. It must of been odd to at times have complete silence in which anyone could hear what anyone in the audience said. One Sweet World was a little rough around the edges, and I think there was a verse missing in Grey Street. After that I don't have much complaining. The crowd knew all their ques in Warehouse and Too Much had some awesome little quirks added in. Leroi's solo with the whistle in Bartender wasn't great, but the new song American Baby is very good. I like Dave introducing it with a little story about how America is divided. The intro/outro of Don't Drink The Water was good and Tripping Billies was good as always. Good things, expect a totally different setlist the next day.

User: morgues
This was the first time DMB had ever played in Australia and it was a completely awe-inspiring display of some of the finest musicians in the world. Being Australian, I thought my chances of ever seeing DMB live were slim, but when we heard news of the tour, we quickly bought tickets. Best $95 I have ever spent. The whole night was amazing and I find it interesting that so many US ex-pats are saying how intimate the concert felt. That must have been awesome for you guys, as it was breathtaking for me. Cheers everyone.

User: nitefly1
my first DMB show.nedeless to say, it was an experience and a half!!

User: nymms
Waited nine years (after a false start in 2000) to see them at home and their first show in my home city. It was the start of a busy week and one I'll never forget.

User: OZTiffany
All I can say is that it was my first dmb concert experience and it will be one that I will never forget. I like all the other australian fans have been longing for the band to get here.... and it was worth the wait. Five days later.... and I'm still buzzing. I thought that the set list was amazing.... and wish I had been able to get to the next night as well - they played a completley different set then (including Crash.... my favourite). But, to be brtually honest with you I was so stoked to see them that they could have played ANYTHING and I would have been happy. I was towards the back of the stalls but even from there the experience was fantastic. The first ever aussie DMB experience has reaffirmed my devotion to this awesome band!

User: Roofus
I was at the show last night and it was a very different experience than back home. First of all, I'm from Atlanta and have been going to Dave's Atlanta summer shows here and there since 1995. I am over in Melbourne working when I found out Dave was coming last week and I almost wet myself. Being from Atlanta, I am used to going to see Dave at a venue holding 20-40 thousand people. I would say that the Palais held around 1,500 to 2,000. It definitely was not the best sounding show Iíve been to as far as the band having kinks, although the acoustics were good at the venue. However, this is by far the most intimate show I have ever been or will probably ever see the Dave Matthews Band. I sat on the upper level, second row on their leather almost lazy boy like seats watching Dave from 30yds away. It was like the band was playing a show at my house and I was sitting on the couch. Sure, there were a few kinds, but I guess that is to be expected on the first stop of the tour. This was in fact the first show I have ever been to where he didnít play Ants Marching, which I was sort of surprised about. I figured the Australian crowd would probably be more in tune with the classics and that it would get played. It was however my first show to hear Where Are You Going, which was really cool! I would have liked to have heard Grave Digger. The show had itís ups and downs, but it was pretty solid. I will be finished with my work in Melbourne in June, so I will be back in time for the Atlanta show. So I guess I can see then what improvement or differences between the two are for this season. Finally, I spent $30 on a ďAustralian TourĒ shirt that every Dave fan I know is going to be itching to tear off my back. :P

User: SarahB
It was brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

User: skizzdc
To say the least I was thrilled to go to the 1st ever DMB show in Australia! The boys were great and we got to hear the new song American Baby. An awesome version of Bartender with an awesome solo from Butch! Great show!

User: stay_marching
awsome, my first show ever! highlights were crush, billies, warehouse and BOWA. was also nice to hear AB live! first time its ever been played! got daves and boyds autograph after the show. a special night.

User: Terje
I've been a DMB-fan since '97, but this was my first show. Unbelievable experience! Unbelievable setlist.


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