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Dave Matthews Band
July 8, 2004
A Change Is Going To Come, Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY

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Show Reviews

User: alyson1
Being there was worth everything. Unforgettable time watching with non fans. they really got that crowd going!

User: Bartender789
if you weren't there, then don't write a review. When were artists not allowed to have opinions anyway? What else is art?

User: Bullsman898989
Hey, DMB has no reason to get into politics, I hope nobody just votes Kerry/Edwards way because Dave likes them, be an individual, choose who you want based on YOUR topics, not the views of your favorite band or group, thanks

User: fosterc2001
Good performance despite a very unfamiliar crowd. Dave even apologized for being too frightening....few real fans scattered throughout the mezzanine....Ants got everyone up onto their feet. Dave personally introduced Kerry and Edwards. Hope everyone votes their way....

User: hughey721
4 more years 4 more years

User: jimbomcnasty
if you vote Bush/Cheney then Dave may be considered a terrorist under the US PATRIOT Act and, in turn, allow the government to keep you in a military prison without charges or legal council for as long as they want

User: jjstud8
Vote Kerry-Edwards!

User: kymbie
amazing....absolutely amazing

User: The Onion
Kerry/Edwards '04

User: zwing23
Vote BUSH/CHENEY 04' That's right, I wasn't there, but Dave and the boys should just worry about their music and stay out of politics!


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