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Dave Matthews
January 9, 2004
DMBLive - China Club, NYC 1/9/2004, The China Club, New York, NY

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User: bry51dmb
OH shit. dan got tix to this thing from the publisct he knew form the Today show. Holy shit, this little ass club, dave solo, on his B-day, this was gonna be the shit. Dan talked it up a little, like we would be able to meet Dave, but didn't happen. We thought there woeuld be like 100 people, ended up being 200, but damn I am not complaining. Pretty sick experience as I never saw Dave in that light. He played a couple, then they asked questions, the dave speak was great. We all sung happy b-day to Dave, it was a once in a lifetime thing, I enjoyed it to the max, got good pics and had a great time, I owe Barbs for this one.....

User: bustedstuff77
Awsome show in a small club, I drove from Rockford, IL to Indianapolis to fly to NY to see this show that my friend won on the radio. We were three feet from Dave it was really cool, I think Dave was either drunk or stoned. He did sign autographs for all the people in the front couple of rows. Some ass hole next to me sold his on ebay the next week. Kinda sad cause the girl next to me got smashed and hurt her shins pretty bad from everyone pushing toward the stage.

User: dmb22jeep
Two thumbs up!!!! amazing being so close to him while he played. When they brought the cake out you could tell he was a bit embarased.

User: gmfsweatsdjm
Amazing show. I was there first row, and got to meet dave! This was the most incredible night of my life.

User: jasper1031

User: jmalone83
Great Show... Met Dave & got autograph

User: tarad80
This show was the most amazing experience of my life. I won the tickets on a local radio station, had free airfare and hotel and got to be 5 feet away from Dave. The Davespeak was awesome, and just to be that close is beyond words. We tried really hard to try to meet him, it didn\'t happen, but it was still so amazing. He played mostly stuff from Some Devil but my favorite was the Crush encore. The best show of my life for sure.


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