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Dave Matthews
January 9, 2004
The Today Show, NBC Studio 1A, New York, NY

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Show Reviews

User: crying4freedom
Waited outside in 14 degree weather. Got to shake Dave's hand. I said "Happy Birthday" and "peace".
This was on my 3rd day living in NYC.

User: Dancing Nic
I am the only person, non-crew or nbc employee, that got to see Dave do soundcheck & perform his solo stuff in the studio that morning on the Today Show (my dad works for the Today Show). And that was the 2nd best day of my life since that was the first time that I got to meet Dave.

User: DMBdreamgirl24
i shook his hand ... the best day of my life

User: GreyGrace
It was cold and we stood in line all night to just hear dave. BUt then he came out and said hi

User: griffd2004
I was there - went before work in the freezing cold, but well worth it. Said Happy Birthday to Dave as he nodded to me, then kissed some (random?) girl on the lips. :-)

User: ididitearly
Shook hands with Dave

User: sara8701
Dave was awesome and even came outside to say Hi to everyone even though it was only like 10 degrees outside. And yes I am pathetic and I went there just so I could sing him happy birthday =)

User: TurboPGT
I stood outside NBC for 8 hours when the temperature was 11 degrees......from 11PM to 7AM when it started, then was there until 10AM when it ended. He played two freaking songs, inside the studio, with NO VOLUME to the outside. Good thing he came outside after the show and signed autographs, meeting him made it all worth it. Though I was so star struck at first, I almost didnt get an autograph. I've never been awed like that and I've met a lot of famous people. Never one that meant as much to me I think.


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