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Dave Matthews
September 7, 2003
Farm Aid, Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, OH

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Show Reviews

User: alldunn4
Dave was excellent solo. Great Experience

User: amwillis007
Another great farm aid

User: batmantis
Dave said that he was nervious playing "So Damn Lucky" since it was the first time he was playing it in front of a crowd. Gravedigger is great solo. Hootie and the Blowfish, Sheryl Crow, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and of course Willy Nelson were all awesome as well.

User: bknepp
good time new songs are nice

User: bprbpr
1st time cing dave solo his unique personality really showed up and won over some of the people in tthe audience who didnt really kn ow anything about him

User: Brut26
Awesome night! Nice to hear some new ones mixed in with some classics. Can't ask too much more from a 10 hour concert.

User: bryans9542
an all day event...saw a lot of amazing acts...Dave was my favorite...

User: Crabbybill
Solo performance without the band Nice and mellow

User: davefan9356
Good show. Nice to hear some of his new songs. I liked "So Damn Lucky" a lot. Can't wait for the new CD.

User: DaveMatthewKuhn
Good show for a good cause

User: dmb2much40
solid set, dave missed the high notes. it was great to hear save me, so damn lucky, and gravedigger for the first time.

User: dmbturley
awesome setlist...overall great experience

User: DMB_36
wow is all can say! it was all fricken amazing

User: drunkenmonkey
It was amazing hearing the Some Devil songs for the first time. I would say that Dave had the most fans there and beat out Neil for best show of the night.

User: ilbkuup
This is a wonderful time if you have never been try it sometime. Great cause and great music.

User: jamielowry
Awesome day! Great bands...but Dave was the best!!

User: jdlind
The set wasd pretty good, biut I hoped there would be some collaboration with some of the other artists that were present. I really wanted to see Dave play with Emmy Lou Harris, but Willie or Neal would have been cool to. Maybe next year.

User: joeklein35
Dave was amazing. Neil Young almost ended Earth.

User: jtrdmb072100
drove to the show 3 hours with no ticket.. haha. thought i paid too much for my ticket from a scalper but once i was there.. it was well worth it. LOVED gravedigger and the other Some Devil songs... my first time hearing dave by himself, and what a treat it was. Old stuff was great too.. i wanted to see Emmylou Harris come out and play Long Black Veil.. but.. oh well! all in all... WELL worth the drive and money :)

User: K2sAlways
Loved it...had lots of fun seeing all the rednecks

User: ledzep8
Dave acoustic..reminded me of the good old days!

User: LilMango777
great show...dave was on fire

User: rob2053
sec c row cc seat 19

User: sabinebyrne
His setlist was standard mellow dave niceness. The rest of the (LONG) day was great. I dug the los lonely boys and daniel lanois with emmylou harris. I got the worst sunburn of my life too. THAT is how I will forever remember farm aid. :)

User: sevs
great show

User: Spear
It was just eh, ok.

User: tdoan8
2nd Farm Aid, Dave was very good, got to hear some new tunes.

User: twojump
Tight show, drank a bunch in the parking lot, snorted a line in the bathroomw right before Dave came on because i was draggin, got sick and puked but enjoyed the show overall.

User: Ty1er_Durden

User: ukrocks97
Was cool to see Dave do a solo gig. I was suprised at the setlist tho Bartender solo? Who would have thought.

User: user2082
Thought Dave was good, though I liked him better earlier in the year with his band. Only the second time I had seen him. Liked Los Lonely Boys a lot, and, surprisingly, I liked Brooks and Dunn and their cheesy blow-up dolls and gung ho patriotism. Weird country we live in.


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