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Dave Matthews Band
August 4, 2003
Rose Garden Arena, Portland, OR

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Show Reviews

User: asmjm39
This show may have just topped the last night of the gorge from 02! Dave was so full of energy that I was just beside myself! Two Step was beyond words. Spoon was just beautiful. Mid set Ants was great! SMTS into Rapunzul was unreal! All I can say is this show had the most enthusiasm from the band in the nine shows I have seen!

User: Barnstormer
Awesome version of Two Step, and Ants Marching mid-set caught me off guard. Thought that he played a few too many of the "singles", but overall the band was as tight as I've ever seen.

User: BlueGuitar1
My first DMB show.

User: bwagme
Nothing special the crowd cant compare to the one at the gorge

User: coldsteak
Good show, but arena shows just can't compare to the Gorge...

User: CortezCortez
My VERY 1ST DMB show!!!!!! I loved it. I heard Don't Drink the Water for the very 1st time and fell in love with it. I am forever hooked.

User: couldIhavebeen
The radio anouncer outside the venue needed to be handcuffed and slapped for being an idiot. Anyway, Horrible show. It's kind of pathetic when after only four songs you look to your left and see half the Rose Garden sitting down. Show some respect. Not to mention the couple behind me that kept asking me to sitting during the whole show. It took all of my effort not to tell them to shut the fuck up. Besides the bad crowd the set was only 2hrs long, total. This included a rather long encore break as well. The guys were into it and having hella fun but the setlist was very poor with two step being the only semi-jam of the night. Boyd and Leroi were non-exsistent. Highlights were Carter on two step, and Dave dancing on Rapunzel, a lot more than at the two nights in Shoreline. This is my second year in a row going to Portland and it being a bad show. I will never ever see another DMB show there as long as I live.

User: daveisagod
Yup, the Portland fans S-U-K SUCK. I have been to many a concert at the Rose Garden and the old days at The Coliseum and have always been told to "sit my fat ass down". Well, kiss my fat ass. Stay home and listen to your CD you dips! One of the best shows I have ever seen... Next time it's The Gorge all the way, baby!

User: dietlein
I'm from Portland, and I agree, Portland crowds suck. I liked the energy though - and the setlist wasn't half bad. I didn't mind that Dave didn't hit the high notes... kinda made it a little different that way. Weird closing though - I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years.

User: dmbgator
Best seats at the time ROW 5. Great over all show first time I had heard Spoon, which will always allow for a great evening. Help Myself was also a first, but the two step, Stay were amazing.

User: dmbman
Not a super night, but I enjoyed the energy - a good warmup for the gorge!

User: DMBMegg41
great,looking forward to gorge

User: dreamingrace
I absolutely loved oregon! it was my first time there. I think the show was on like a weekday and most of the people were getting off of work, midweek. the acoustics are awesome there. you can really hear the singing and bird calls. beautiful area. there was a great pub in hawthorne district, brick buiding that has open mic around the day of the week they played there last year. laurelthirst or something like that.

I loved oregon. will definetly be back.

User: FpotusSCB
Very solid show despite being a little unorthadoxed. Only two major complaints being the fans in Portland are the absolute worst I have ever encountered and there was a lack of traditional jam songs. On the plus side though, DDTW was insane with Dave singing all the way through the end of the song much like the Palace show. Two Step was absolutely incredible. Butch had one of the best solos I've ever heard him play and Carter and Dave were messing around like there was no tomorrow. Great to hear Spoon, but a little disappointing. It was sort of jammed out at the end, but Dave seemed to be having trouble with the lyrics all the way through. The same applies to Help Myself. WWYS was definitely one of the main highlights of the night. This song always sounds so much better indoors than in an amphitheatre and Roi jammed out on this quite nicely. Ants was unexpected and abrupt, but it was high energy and good to hear. Could've done without the run from Digging through GIG, perhaps some Recently or BOWA would have been better, but the main show closer of SMTS through Rapunzel was awesome with the best, most high-intensity Rapunzel I've ever heard. The encore was a little weird. Again, BOWA or Recently would've been welcome, but Too Much definitely got the pitiful crowd into it. I'd like to hear this recording because I swear they cut Too Much short and went right into Stay which was itself great, but Dave was definitely having trouble with the high notes and Butch wasn't anywhere near as great on backup as he was in Cincinnati. All in all a good show, but not great and Portland fans suck.

User: greybart41
Not a bad show. Not the best of venues, but overall a nice show.

User: guilietta
First show I saw, good show for a newbie/radio fan

User: hipskipster
Dave jammed with me on Don't Drink as I walked on the front row head bangin he gave me the evil DDW stare, it was funny!

User: Jasari2001
Great show!! DDTW was an awesome opener. Two Step was amazing. SMTS->ASTB->PNP->Rapunzel was absolutely sick.

User: JefferyGomer
I was just blown away and the rest of the show just kinda mixed into one big talent after two step. This was my first (and sadly, ONLY) DMB show. I've tried to go to about 3 other DMB shows, but I haven't been able to get to the venue. Anyways, this was a very energetic show that had a lot of great performances. I was shocked to hear spoon, and they did a great performance at it too.

User: matradtk
Decent set list, though not my favorite. Dave's voice wasn't the best quality. The encore was subpar with the choice of songs, but Dave made up for it with his dancing and energy at the very end.

User: pdxdmb
Awesome way to spend the anniversary with my wife. Great seats too - best ever. Nice to see Roi back and blowing after being sick.

User: pharmacist55
i think this sealed DMB not coming back to portland. the fans sucked.
the show was tight though. i remember Boyd going nuts. stoked to be in the 20th row on an isle.

User: Right Side Up
Biggest disappointment of our west coast excursion. The fans were the ultimate culprit, as they provided nothing for DMB to feed off of. I've never seen so many people sitting down for so long at a DMB show.

User: RSock5
my first dave show!! got me hooked ;)

User: saxmachine2
This was a great show, it was my first Dave concert and I had a great time.

User: shep@nancies
Good show -- nothing spectacular or jaw-dropping, though. Personally, I thought the sound was lacking, but that wasn't due to the band; it was more due to the acoustics in the Rose Garden.

User: smc449
My brother's first show. He loved it.

User: Spu Beaty
The Rose Garden has some of the best acoustics of any venue, Excellent sound during the show!

User: tehrenstrom
omg dave kicks butt

User: trefoil
Energy wasn't bad for Portland. I agree with the general consensus.. Portland fans for this type of show tend to be a bit reserved. Nice to see the range in ages though, really shows off DMB's appeal to everyone. I would have loved to hear Watchtower.. seeing that in the Gorge in '01 was awesome, but I doubt he could have topped it here. Ants marching is always a kick in the a**. Crowd around me wasn't bad (3rd row), but glancing back I did see how people were really not getting that much into it. Dave played the left side of the stage well, got that side into it.. But LeRoi didn't really do anything, maybe because of that sickness he had on July 27th. I would have loved to get another Carter drumstick though to complete my show set (Grabbed one from the one he threw into the RG crowd in '02), but maybe next year. I'll definitely have to catch the one in the RG and Gorge next year, and maybe RedRocks.. but that's wishing...

User: twilkster


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