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Show Reviews
Dave Matthews
September 29, 2002
Victor Steinbrueck Park, Seattle, WA

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Show Reviews

User: 420juniper
dave was so cute, all scruffy and relaxed, played us 7 songs.

User: aullrich
Super intimate and wonderful!

User: chrismak79
Extremely small crowd made for a hell of a nice close view.

User: coldsteak

User: CornellDMBfan
so cool to see Dave like this! I think he enjoyed the smaller crowd . . . he kind of toyed with us (Halloween tease!) and joked about being a treehugger. it was sweet to see him play and to be so close - I made sure to be right up front when he walked by on his way back from performing. he chatted with the crowd as he walked by signing random things (a guitar!) and shaking hands. it was a very personal show and made me appreciate what a truly a remarkable man he is

User: danhmr
Front and center. Literally, I was the front row right in front of Dave. I was the one who yelled HALLOWEEN when he gave us the little tease. Every song was awsome with rad Scat Vocals. Dave was finally life size when i saw him live instead of looking as small as dust lying down here. anyway It was the best damn free concert i have ever been to even if i had to sit in the rain all morning long. it was well worth it.

User: DaveFreak
Front row AMAZING

User: dmb@thegorge
This was awesome. Heard about it at the last minute so went downtown to see it. Was able to get my Busted Stuff album autographed by Dave there as well.

User: dmbkristin
It was my 13th time seeing Dave, but the first time that I saw him solo, the first time I saw him in Seattle, and the first time I saw him for free! I was in the third row, and I got a lot of pictures. I'm not good at estimating crowds, but I'd say there were at least 600 people there. The rally started at about 12:40pm with the Jill Cohn Band- I enjoyed them. Then there were some speakers, and when our Representative, Jay Inslee, was almost done with his speech Dave arrived. We could all see Dave in the backstage area and people were taking pictures and cheering. I felt bad for Jay, but he was almost done anyway. Dave was very talkative the whole mini-show. He had written the setlist on his hand! I could see Ashley and the twins dancing in the backstage area. I heard that she is involved with the organizations that put this all together. I enjoyed the show very much!

User: DMBNewman86
Front row... 5 feet from Dave.... absolutely amazing. Dave played a great setlist and seemed to be in an awesome mood. He cracked jokes up there and seemed like he had a blast with us. This is a great solo show to trade with some awesome Dave speak A. Newman


User: dontpokemyfish
fun shit

User: Duckyguy
OK, so I was wayyyy off on judging the crowd. I showed up at 7:45am (first one there, even before the people who set up the stage arrived). At about 8:15-8:30ish some other people showed up. Caught two of their names, Dan and Ian. Anyways, we were close enough to Dave to spit on him! (though we wouldn't). It was amazing! He spoke alot...and was really goofy. I still can't believe I was *that* close to him! My full review will be on my website soon...

User: firstmatejohn
another great show. very intimate setting and a good cause. i had a blast! plus, it was seattle, and FREE!

User: freecity
the weather turned for the better, it was a great day ... good cause, good music

User: keystone
it was good

User: KristinD22
It was amazing to be sooo close! I got the call about 2am the night before from a friend to let us know he'd be there, didn't believe her but we showed up anyways obviously well worth it!!!

User: msilver123
Front row. The hour or so of cold and rain were definately worth it. Amazing everything, I really enjoyed nancies and bartender. He really was into it, very earthy feel.

User: patellison42
Kinda weird I just randomly ran into this show near Pike Place Market.

User: reuhla
This show was tight, short but good and free. I was sitting front row, dead and center at Dave, and I had a video camera going, so we have it on tape and it is pretty good quality too.

User: rhiannon41
This is probably my most memorable Dave Matthews performance ever. I heard on the radio that afternoon that he was going to be playing a rally for Old Growth forests and raced down just in time. Stood right in front of the stage and was awestruck when he, his wife, and two daughters walked in. Unbelieveable!

front row got there so early very personal it was great show

User: seattledmb
Free and Fun- Hearing Dave talking about the trees and how he will explain to his daughters what a tree was was too cute- amazing show with bartender- i won't forget this one!

User: spuhippie
i love free stuff

User: TimButchnBela
Great little show...Nancies and Bartender kicked ass...

User: uwdmbfan
Surreal show


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