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Dave Matthews Band
July 15, 2002
The Late Show with David Letterman, Rooftop, Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, NY

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User: 2 steppin Again
ooo y god wut a day jus went thier 2 hear them from the roof ened up goin on the roof shaking hands wiht boyd,stefan, carter and butch was jus hangin out outside got his autograph soo colll. ill never forget this day

User: dmatt02
Got an interesting story about this show.

I was working at a summer camp in Eastern PA that summer and took a trip into New York with a few of my fellow counselors. I had been walking around Manhattan all day with some friends and eventually ended up breaking away to venture on my own. I am an Indianapolis native and, at the time, a Ball State student. So of course I wanted to check out one of our (if not the most) famous alumni's marquee. As I was making my up to the Ed Sullivan theater, I saw a huge crowd gathering on the corner of 53rd and Broadway. My curiousity finally came handy. I asked someone what was going on and they told me DMB was playing on the top of the building. I like to think that I am an up to date Dave fan and was surprised that I didn't know the band was going to be in NY the same time I was. In my defense, working at a camp out in the middle of nowhere, one gets sheltered from the outside world.

I started making my way through the crowd and eventually eased my way to the front. The view from where I was standing was of Rupert's Hello Deli to my right, DMB's buses lined up to my left, and the door to the theater in front. Everyone around me, including myself, was itching to get a glimpse of the band.

It was time for the band to go inside and one by one they started coming off the bus. Of course everyone was screaming/yelling and taking photos. The band did not waste any time going in. I figured once the band was officially in the building the crowd would slowly deteoriate. To my surprise, it didn't. I was amongst hundreds of fans standing, waiting, and on what? Who knows...

Out of the building comes a woman with a headset on moving towards the crowd. She starts picking people at random to go into the building. Remember I was in the front row? Yeah, this woman starts picking everyone next to me and behind me. I was literally standing right in front of her and she didn't pull me in. It was the wierdest thing ever. It was as if she had a picture of me and was told not to pick this guy. Within a short time, she was done, gone, and the door was shut. I was in awe. I walked away wondering what had just happened? I felt like the fat kid that didn't get picked for kickball because there was already too many players.

I ended up across the street on Broadway and all I could do was stare up that the Ed Sullivan Theater. All of a sudden a friend of mine sees me and asks me what's wrong. I let him in on my recent misfortune. We start chatting and I find my eyes making contact with a building standing adjacent to the Sullivan roof. And there were people looking down on to DMB. My friend and I set out to find this building. We find what we think is the building. Looked into the lobby and saw that there was a doorman. We decide to take our chances. We walk in and the guy did not even notice us. I assume he knew what was going on and did not what to hassle with it. We step into the elevator not knowing which floor to go to, so we just hit the highest number.

The elevator takes us to the floor. We walk out into the hallway and we see a little door that was cracked. We open the door and it turns out we hit the jackpot. The door was the door to the roof. We were able to watch the concert from this building hovering over the show. The sound was not that great, but we could see the band and all the people that were picked (not me).

Despite my bitterness of not being able to watch the band in the pavillion, I still feel lucky to be able to say I sat in the lawn.

User: dmb22611
Good Gig

User: Dynamic323
Amazing, i sat 2 feet max from dave and he talked to me and gave me the guitar pick that he used for the concert after it ended!

User: gpstordeur
The rarest of the rare I guess. I saw this show from a rooftop two buildings over and above the Ed Sullivan Theater. There were maybe about 30 people there with me and about 50-100 people on the rooftop with the Band. Of note, is you can see this show, it was taped for VH1 and also Where Are You Going (the first time) was on Letterman. The Band sounded very crisp. It was awe inspiring seeing them on a NYC rooftop with the Hudson River to my left, Broadway to my right, Times Square behind them. Very, very cool. You Never Know just rules it too.

User: Momadancer
i never wouldve thought i would stand as close to the band as i did this day. WAYG twice was kinda dumb, but i didnt care. the overall feeling i was getting just overcame any type of analysis i could even begin to have over how they actually played. they couldve done a horrible job, and i wouldnt have cared becuase i was standing like less than 10 feet away from dave matthews. the smile on my face never left. and i seriously think dave noticed because he gave me funny (yet sexy) looks, haha. this is my greatest moment in my DMB history. i doubt i could ever be that close to them again.

User: Thelaststop34
So Close. I was literally like 5 or 10 feet away. I was on TV too!


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