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Dave Matthews
March 16, 2002
Jessica Colburn's Bat Mitzvah , Union Station, Washington, D.C.

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User: @drian
this only furthers my belief that girls suck ass at estimating... 15,000 people?

User: fredncr09
no words can describe how cool it was.

User: mememe
I was at her bat mitzvah. It was amazing. The party room was huge. It could fit about 15,000 people in it. They had an open bar, a person 2 make smoothies, and waiters and waitresses going around with food. She had two or three bands, a D.J plus Dave Mathews. How cool is that. I'm not a big fan of Dave Mathews, but it was still pretty cool to have him there. In my point of view, I think this was the perfect Bat Mitzvah.


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