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Dave Matthews Band
April 5, 1992
Van Riper`s Music Festival, Van Riper's Lake & Campground, Afton, VA

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Show Reviews

User: gaandmjdad
I believe this was the show that was at a park w/swimming pool lake etc, Great show, I beilieve Col. Bruce, Indecision and others also played. Warm early spring day in C-Ville, doesn't get much better

User: mummbles
the best

User: Peterluke101
I was there. Great Day. I have actually seen a video of this show recently along with a very bad B/W video of a high school performance a few months later. The Van Riper's fest was my first exposure to DMB. They were not one of the larger acts that day, by any means. They were however, striking. I clearly remember saying to myself that this band has a great big sound and the singer sings his ass off. Little did I know how special that day was. Van Ripers is a natural outdoor amphitheatre with a beer garden on the top of the hill. Awesome Awesome venue. I don't know if there is still music being hosted there, but a great place none the less.

User: Tarheelpete
Beautiful day. DMB played early in the day and I recall thinking, who are these guys. It's not everyday that you hear a violin and such vulnerable lead vocals. DMB was clearly the LOCAL act that was fortunate enough to be playing the same venue as Indecision and Blues Traveller. Awareness art ensemble also played that day. They were a great regaee band. And for those of you who don't know who Indicision were, they were also a local Charlottsville band who were neck and neck with widespread as far as fanbase until they stopped playing together. I give this a 5 rating because it was my first, but also because I have such fond memories of a young dave and a goofy country version of Boyd. I wish I would have asked them to be their driver. I would have done it for free... still would.

User: URgal
Great place to see bands. Small crowd and outdoors. If I recall correctly- Dave was late to the show.


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