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Dave Matthews Band
August 25, 1995
Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, NY

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Show Reviews

User: AML 41
My first DMB show... that was over 8 years ago, but I remember my friends and I dancing around like crazy and having an amazing evening with not a care in the world. Ahh, those were the days. It was the clearest night and the Big Dipper was right over the stage. During Satellite my buddy and I layed on the grass looking up at the stars and pointed out satellites.

User: bcpaul7
Caught this on my way out to College for the first time. This is taking me back a bit, but I definitel saw them at SPAC twice before this. Good show.

User: coryhouser
First show...loved it...from that day forward it is not summer until I have seen DMB

User: dmbaddict6swife
been waiting for this show to be put on list.best venue to see a show.lot of positive energy from crowd.wish dave would come back to cmac.

User: dmbfanJCGD
Finally entered!! I remember reporting this show as missing years ago. This was my first Dave show ever, and I've been hooked ever since. I will never forget this night!!

User: DMBSW111
Great show, smaller venue, these were the days!!!

User: Gary!
My first too. I was a little toasty but I remember the Warehouse blowing my face off. I'm sure it's not even a great one, but at the time it was insane to me. It was definitely that song, that night that turned me into a fan.

User: gmm6797
Good show, good early versions of a few songs. Lots of positive energy

User: GregRoy
My first!

this one the very first time in my life that i was exposed to dmb, my mother and father took me they were fans!

User: klarocca
First show

User: plumber9
My first DMB show... Hard to recall after so many, but Finger Lakes (aka Flea Pack) is a great ampitheater venue. Between the wine, seven heads, and various other goodies, it was a hell of a show. I recall a great Ant's Marching.

User: tsvb
this was a long time ago...but great show...loved the 95 days...


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