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Dave Matthews Band
August 18, 1995
HORDE Tour, World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL

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Show Reviews

User: ajluck1
My introduction to DMB!! Went for Blues Traveler and heard DMB and was hooked!!

User: cjlily
This was my 1st DMB experience, and you all know what the 1st DMB experience does to a person!

User: dennist41
This was my very first time seeing DMB play as I had bought the tickets specifically to see them play. It was rather short but I was thrilled and satisfied. I want to point out later that night after they played dave came out to the side of the amphitheatre in a golf cart to play on the side whale stage and I turned around because the golf cart came up beside me and the driver asked me to move so he could get him to the stage. Wish I would have said something to him, but Leroi was standing across from me out of nowhere. Stefan joined dave on the small stage and dave just jammed with Stefan making up words to whatever they played. Boyd was sitting on a seat or something at the back of this whale stage. Then John Popper came out to the stage on a golf cart and jammed to. It was really soft jamming the whole time and then dave asked the crowd what to play and I shouted "What Would You Say!!" And he looked at me, then John and Stefan and they played it!! AMAZING!!! They left on golf carts following the song and I chased them all the way to the gate to the back. I was 18 years old!!

User: DMB3420
I witnessed the mini jam on the side stage..if only i knew then what i know now..WOW!

User: Frommie67
After the Aragon show, I was pretty geeked to see Blues Traveler AND DMB. It was a great show and really cool when "Biggie" John Popper came out and jammed with the boys. I miss HORDE. The only bummer was then Julie, Dave & I had to take care of the drunk, puking high school kid sitting next to us. People who talk about how bogus the scene is now were probably the kids barfing all over the lawn 11 years ago. Selective memory is a powerful thing.

User: mickey5
On lawn

User: Rows
One of my first dave shows ever 11 years later I'am still a fan and always will be.

User: YourPalJay
My first show. Fun time.


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