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Dave Matthews Band
August 15, 1995
Live at Red Rocks: 8.15.95, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

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Show Reviews

User: bacarver
What can I say, being at this show was amazing. My ex-wife and I attended and were 6th row just left of center stage. We heard Lover Lay Down, live, and decided to use this song as "our song" at our wedding two months later in October. Great show, obviously!!!

User: blakethom12
The alt. freestyles at this show are not everyone's cup of tea but watching the musical process take place on stage truly exhibits the musical genius of Dave and the crew.

User: COMike

User: grygrl78
So amazing

User: mray10
What!?! Only four stars? Yes, because I didn't know half of the songs they played and much as I enjoyed them I've seen better shows since. Classic, for sure.

User: myawolf
I don't think I have to tell anyone how this show was...

User: sepmox

User: serfmunke
I drove solo from Flagstaff, AZ to Red Rocks. I had a ticket waiting for me but I messed up. I came up on the day of the show thinking the show was the next day. Since this was pre-cell phone I missed my friend and my ticket. I did however break into the show for the last few songs and the encore. I busted the arch of my foot but was so high on adrenaline that I did not know until later. I gobbled up mushrooms dry once I found a spot. They started kicking in after the show so I stood at the front of the venue just looking at people. The people parted like the sea and I saw my friend wandering down the steps. He saw me and we rejoiced. He got me backstage and we met the Man himself. We were sitting off to the right of Dave while he greeted squeeling bimbos. I was rubbing my injured foot. He glanced at us afew times and then came over. He asked if I was Ok and held my stink ass foot. He could see my dialated pupils I am sure. He signed my shirt and parted ways. He was very nice and funny. We also met Carter outside for a brief moment. He seemed a tad irritated so I left him within seconds. A memory that will live with me forever.

User: Tripp'nBillie57
my first red rocks experience...A+


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