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Dave Matthews Band
August 3, 1995
Mesa Amphitheatre, Mesa, AZ

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Show Reviews

User: #40_Always
We wanted to hear Satellite during the May 14th show so we chanted it for a while. They didn't play it. But for the opener of this show what did they play??? SATELLITE! I like to think that they heard us chant it and remembered when they came back in august and opened with it. maybe not, but that's what i'll believe....anyways another amazing show and again I stood in front of boyd the whole time...

User: azsunriseDMB
I went to the 5/14/1995 show and a group of kids walked around yelling Satellite. We did not get that song that night. BUT when DMB returned for this night 8/3, they opened with Satellite! Super cool of them to remember. At least thats what I want to believe.

User: sga72
The beginning of my long love affair with the DMB


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