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Dave Matthews Band
January 26, 1995
Memorial Auditorium, Burlington, VT

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Show Reviews

User: 41P0LIC3
The atmosphere at this show was unbelieveable, it was in the center of dave's coke days, the spill about "we're fresh, an.. out of the box, an... smell like plastic." The Carter drum solo before the recently induced "Hani" version of #36 was incredible, Jimi Thing was good and Ants Marching at the end stole it, I knew they were going to do that, Seek Up for an opener was strong as hell.. I give this show a 7.5

User: Bungyfish
Small venue at UVM. Crazy good.

User: driedmb
My first show ever, I had gone to see BHTTM but totally missed their set as I thought that this Dave Matthews Band would be opening for them. I walked out of the show thinking I had to hear these guys again. It's been love ever since.


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