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Show Reviews
Dave Matthews Band
December 7, 1996
Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY

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Show Reviews

User: afdfiremedic11
Wonderful show. Loved Robert Bradley and also loved to hear Christmas Song.

User: Brother Chaos
My 1st show. Good set, that started with Seek Up and then #41. Looking back, I would love to see a set like this again.

User: cgbale
My first DMB show. Very enjoyable. I was hooked. This was one of the rescheduled shows from that year. The show was supposed to take place sometime in the summer but the tragic loss of Stefan Lessard's infant child caused it to be rescheduled. I wish I could find a recording of this show! I agree with the other reviewer, the set started with Seek Up and #41, and then Tripping Billies and the others shown on the page. The dmband.com page also had this wrong.

User: dMbCiNcy41
1st show. Amazing

User: dmbwildcat
The set started with Seek Up and #41, then tripping billies

User: hmeier41
was at ball state and bored and asked some guys...wanna roadtrip to lexington for DMB!! still wasn\'t 100 percent into them, remember getting to rupp and hearing opening band saying thankyou goodnight...spent what seemed an eternity walking around concourse listening to band and talking to whomever

User: intunegravy
Cool nose bleed seats. Went with Bert

User: joyfulgirl
This was a great show, Two Step and Minerets were the highlights for me. Minerets was off the charts good...really cool scatting!

User: kevnsuj
Seek Up was the opener. Best opener of all shows I have seen.

User: klt1121
First hometown show.

User: MrMarchingants
2nd show attended i was in nose bleeds in section 212 i would be stood outside the arena if I had to the set list was extraordinary start to finish Seek up what an opener Dancing Nancies i was on cloud nine i partied and sang all nite long was in the stratosphere til summer

User: ukrocks97
My 3rd show. Sounded great. I underappreciated Two Step as a closer tho. It was at a time when I "discovered" Watchtower and all it's glory. They did open with a great Seek Up. No Say Goodbye or Proudest Monkey tho. -T


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