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Dave Matthews Band
October 28, 1996
Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS

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Show Reviews

User: Coolmunk too
My first dMb show, made possible by the reschedule from that summer to October(due to a death) and my friend couldn't use his ticket due to returning to college. Amazing! Of course, I was drowning in peppermint schnapps and did shrooms for the first time, was convinvced the stars above the ampitheater had formed into constellations of Dylan and Hendrix playing along to Watchtower. I was borderline suicidal before that night, and the show gave me a reason to go on.

User: dmb-brazil
My first DMB show! I guess I was not that big of a fan back that as I am now... So I totally took for granted the setlist and how close to the band I was - and how easy it was to get tickets! Setlist was filled with classics...

User: greybart41

User: maw4bc
This was my first Dave show. My dad took me and a group of friends. Hints I was not old enough to drive. Also did not know much about Dave. When he covered Watchtower I had never heard it. Was an incredible show. One of my favorites I have been to.

2010 update: Wish I could go back in time and see this show again. Memories 14 years later are limited but remember during nancies hearing "look up at the sky" and looking straight up, remember my dad telling me that he was playing a Dylan song during Watchtower (dad loved that), Carter was on cause my dad mentioned how awesome a drummer he was. And ANTS which got me into Dave was incredible.

It pains me that there is no copies of this show out there. So disappointing.

User: zmitchell78
Great show...


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